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Information about Wireless Electricity

Published on March 15, 2014

Author: brianantony456

Source: slideshare.net

By Brian Dsouza Ec - 8th sem WITRICITY SCEM DEPT OF EC 1

Contents: Why wireless power? Brief history Introduction Ways of electricity transmission Illustration of wireless electricity Applications Future implications Conclusion SCEM DEPT OF EC 2

We Humans Love Electricity! SCEM DEPT OF EC 3 And to power our electronic devices we buy: 40 million disposable batteries/yr !

SCEM DEPT OF EC 4 This is where it ends up:

Wire ... A burden... 5SCEM DEPT OF EC

SCEM DEPT OF EC 6 History of wireless power • In 1899, Sir Nikola Tesla Proposed a method of Wireless Power Transmission. • As it is in Radiative mode, most of the Power was wasted and has less efficiency.

A group of engineers at MIT came up with the idea to use resonant induction to transmit power wirelessly. The forgotten invention is reborn in 2007 SCEM DEPT OF EC 7

SCEM DEPT OF EC 8 Ways of Transmission Near field 1. Induction 2. Resonant induction Far field 1. Radio and microwave transmission 2. Laser

Basics Inductive Coupling Magnetic feildResonanance Witricity Basics SCEM DEPT OF EC 9

Witricity Basics Resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others. Two conductors are mutual-inductively coupled when they are configured such that change in current flow through one wire induces a voltage across the ends of the other wire through electromagnetic induction. SCEM DEPT OF EC 10

Basic Principle of Resonant Induction The basic principle involved in Witricity concept is two coils having same resonating frequency tend to exchange maximum energy. SCEM DEPT OF EC 11

Circuit Diagram of RIC SCEM DEPT OF EC 12

Creating basic resonant induction circuitary Primary coil setup: SCEM DEPT OF EC 13

The Secondary Coil: •This circuit is one of the simplest you can ever create. •It is composed of magnet wire coil but smaller than the primary, a capacitor also like the primary, and some leads you can attach things like LED. 14SCEM DEPT OF EC


Effeciency chart of witricity 16SCEM DEPT OF EC Experimental results of MIT experiment

Increasing Range SCEM DEPT OF EC 17

18 Advantages of this technique No wires Need for battery is eliminated ewaste is eliminated Maintenance cost is Saves infrastructureless Range can be increased SCEM DEPT OF EC

Disadvantages of Resonant Wireless electricity: 19 Distance constraint Initial cost is high In RIC, tuning is difficult High frequency signals must be the supply SCEM DEPT OF EC

How Safe is Witricity? Human beings or other objects placed between the transmitter and receiver do not hinder the transmission of power. Magnetic fields tend to interact very weakly with the biological tissues of the body, and so are not prone to cause any damage to any living beings. 20SCEM DEPT OF EC

21 Wireless Electricity Applications  In Immobile devices  Cellphones , Tv’s , remotes  Medical applications  Industrial applications SCEM DEPT OF EC

Charging Electric Car using WiTricity SCEM DEPT OF EC 22

Future of Wireless Electricity 23SCEM DEPT OF EC


Think that the city will be covered with WiTricity hot spots , just like Wireless Internet, there will be no need of charging batteries, or carrying adapters all around ! 25SCEM DEPT OF EC


27 Queries…. SCEM DEPT OF EC

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