Winter Skin Care Tips to Begin Using Today

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Information about Winter Skin Care Tips to Begin Using Today

Published on February 6, 2014

Author: andie_lo89


Winter Skin Care Tips to Begin Using Today: Winter Skin Care Tips to Begin Using Today PowerPoint Presentation: 'Tis the season for dry skin. Winter is the season where it's cold, cloudy and sunshine is a rare element in our day-to-day lives. This also leads to dryness of the skin's hands, feet and face, which can also lead to cracking, flaking and eczema for some. Even staying indoors can lead to serious dryness because of the heat. PowerPoint Presentation: In order to combat the dryness for the next six months or so, your skin care regimen needs to be altered to adapt to your surrounding conditions. Of course, this isn't an issue just for the ladies but also for men everywhere. By changing your routine, you'll notice the difference within the next two to three weeks. If your skin isn't improving then it would be a good idea to see your doctor to find out if there is anything seriously wrong. Water: Water Water consumption is important all year around. Not only is drinking water important for your health but it's also great for your skin. Health experts say that the skin of individuals who are dehydrated will notice the results of absorbing water. Moisturize: Moisturize If you moisturize a few times a week then increase it to everyday and perhaps a higher amount. When heading to the store, attempt to locate an ointment moisturizer that is oil-based instead of water-based because the oil will establish protective layers. Some suggestive oils would be almond, avocado, mineral and primrose. For the men: start to moisturize immediately and don't neglect your skin. Sunscreen: Sunscreen A lot of people tend to believe that sunscreen is only for the spring and summer months. However, the sun in the winter, even if it's quite minimal, can still damage your face and hands' skin if you're exposed for at least 30 minutes. Apply some sunscreen before you head outside. (On a side note, the refreshing aroma of sunscreen will cheer you up on those depressing winter day blues.) Humidifier: Humidifier As previously noted, indoor central heating systems at home or at work can damage your skin. Therefore, a solution to this matter is to install a humidifier because it will release moisture into the indoor air. If these devices are placed in several areas around your living quarters then it will act as a preventative measure against dryness. Wear a scarf, avoid a bath PowerPoint Presentation: We all want to stay warm when we embark on our freezing journey outdoors. Wearing a scarf actually proves beneficial to your skin because the windchill can dry out your skin and cause irritation. Wrap your scarf around your cheeks, chin and skin. Meanwhile, when you get back home, refrain from taking a super hot bath. Indeed, taking a smouldering hot bath might seem to be a relaxing respite from the weather that's not fit for man or beast. However, soaking in a hot bath fractures the lipid skin barriers and reduces moisture. PowerPoint Presentation: Sources:

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