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Published on January 14, 2016

Author: fiab


1. WINTER FANCY FOOD SHOW 2016 JANUARY 17-19, 2016 MOSCONE CENTER, SAN FRANCISCO MAGRAMA The Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Environment is the competent department in the field of the General State Administration for the proposal and implementation of the Government policy en terms of the fight against climate change; protection of the natural heritage, biodiversity and the sea; water; rural development; agricultural resources; livestock and fisheries and food. The purpose of the new Ministerial set-up, is to provide a suitable organization-based response to the framework in which the community agricultural and fisheries policies will be developed, as well as the food policy, whose responsibility it is to promote. ICEX ICEX Spain Trade and Investment is a public business organization which works worldwide with the objective of promoting the internationalization of Spanish companies in order to improve their competitiveness, as well as boosting foreign investment in Spain. ICEX offers its services through 31 Provincial and Territorial Trade Offices in Spain, 98 Economic and Commercial Offices worldwide, the largest foreign network, and 21 Business Centres abroad. Every year, ICEX organizes around 1,200 promotional activities in foreign markets and answers over 90,000 queries on internationalization. FIAB In such a complicated economic scenario as nowadays, the Food and Beverage Industry stands out for a key issue: internationalization, an area in which many food companies are refocusing their goals. Between 2000 and 2011 the average growth rate of the sector has been 9%. Between 2010 and 2011, food and beverages exports have grown at double-digit annual rates, and the final data for 2012 is close to 21,500 million euros. From FIAB, we support the industry in their internationalization as a key vector of their competitiveness, for which we rely on the triad “Food-Gastronomy-Tourism”. The Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation (FIAB) was created in 1977 with the aim of representing Spanish food and drink industries, giving them a single, united body, and a common voice. This industrial sector is ranked number one in our country. Currently, the Federation includes 47 associations from the sector. Federation professionals advise each other of their partners in areas of specialization such as food law, nutrition, internationalization, economic affairs, innovation& technology, sustainability, competitiveness, technical& environmental affairs, administration and finance, vocational training and communications. FIAB recognizes the critical significance of nutrition for the excellent development of people and, in this sense and within the scope of its activity, it promotes the benefits of correct nutrition, a varied and balanced diet, along with the necessary physical activity as the basis for health and wellbeing. For that purpose, FIAB maintains and promotes activities that help people adopt healthy lifestyles, based on physical activity considering diet as a whole. It recommends, among others, reading the nutritional labeling of products. ALIMENTARIA BARCELONA TRADE SHOW Alimentaria Barcelona is the most important Food and Beverage exhibition in Spain and one of the leading exhibitions in the world. The best place for networking, finding new products, exploring sector trends, discovering the latest innovations and attending dynamic and surprisingly activities. Alimentaria, throughout its successive editions, has counted on the loyalty of visitors and exhibitors from five continents, demonstrating the significance of the event as a strategic platform for the Food and Beverage sector. For more information please visit our website: MEDITERRANEAN DIET In November 2010, UNESCO recognized the Mediterranean Diet as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, declaring that it constitutes a lifestyle, philosophy and culture which are the fruit of the intercultural relationships that our communities have built throughout the course of history, passing them on from generation to generation. The Mediterranean Diet is a language that is shared by the people of the Mediterranean region, including oral expressions and traditions, social practices, rituals and festivities, produce, foods and cooking methods. Mediterranean cuisine, led by Spain, is a wise combination of foods based on local, fresh and seasonal produce. It constitutes a nutritional model which is balanced, rich, complete and healthy, being greatly appreciated within world gastronomy. It is characterized by an abundance of vegetables, greens, beans and pulses, fruit, bread, rice, nuts and, at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet, olive oil. It stands out for its moderate consumption of fish, seafood, poultry, dairy produce (yoghurt and cheese) and eggs. Red meat is only consumed in small quantities, as is wine, which is normally drunk as an accompaniment to meals. South Hall Spanish Pavilion Booths: 3328—3346/B Velázquez 64, 3ª 28001 Madrid T +34 91 411 72 94 F +34 91 411 73 44 E Trade Commission of Spain 405 Lexington Ave. 44 Fl. New York, NY 10174 T:(212) 661-4959 South Hall Spanish Pavilion Booths: 3328—3346/B FLOOR PLAN SPANISH PAVILION SANT ANIOL Booth: 3243 COVAP Booth: 3342 BALFEGÓ & BALFEGÓ Booth: 3336 & 3334 BODEGAS SONSIERRA Booth: 3239/B CARMENCITA SPICES Booth: 3338/B DELIBREADS EUROPE Booth: 3233 F.J. SÁNCHEZ SUCESORES Booth: 3330 CASAS DE HUALDO Booth: 3241 GO FRUSELVA Booth: 3340 NEW CONCISA Booth: 3235 CHIQUILIN SPICES Booth: 3332 CORTIJO TRIFILLAS Booth: 3239/A MEDITERRANEA Booth: 3237 HEREDAD DE MONTEAGUDO Booth: 3338/A CASTILLA LA MANCHA REGION (SPAIN) Booth: 3231 LA IBENSE BORNAY Booth: 3247/A VINOS GUERRA Booth: 3247/B ROUTES DE TERRE Booth: 3346/A OLEOESTEPA Booth: 3346/B NOEL ALIMENTARIA Booth: 3328 ACEITES TOLEDO Booth: 3229/B Co-financed by

2. MARKET SECTOR INDEX ACEITES TOLEDO Booth 3229/B Products: Olive Oil, Olive Oil - Extra virgin, Olive Oil - Virgin, Olive Oil - Pomace, Olive Oil - Organic, Olive Oil - Bulk, Halal certified products, Kosher certified products Brands: Zoe, Zoe Diva, Zoe Kids, Oliterra, Dintel, Donsol, Dehesa Monreal Exporting Countries: More than 40 countries in all the world Certificates: ISO, IFS, SHC, AENOR, KOSHER, SOHISCERT, IQNET, APPLUS, HALAN — Contact: José Manuel Galán T +34 609 285 742 F +34 915 599 808 BODEGAS SONSIERRA Booth 3239/B Products: Wines Brands: Sonsierra Seleccion, Sonsierra, Pagos de la Sonsierra, Perfume de Sonsierra, Androsela Exporting Countries: Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Mexico, China, Brazil — Contact: Arantxa Gastón T +34 941 334 031 F +34 941 334 245 CARMENCITA SPICES Booth 3338/B Products: Spices, Paprika, Condiments, Dehydrated products, Tea & herbal infusion bags Brands: Carmencita Exporting Countries: More than 45 countries in the 5 continents Certificates: ISO14001, IFS, BRC — Contact: Luna Casado T +34 965 600 150 F +34 965 603 012 CASAS DE HUALDO Booth 3241 Products: Olive Oil, Olive Oil - Extra virgin Brands: Casas De Hualdo, José Andrés by Casas De Hualdo Exporting Countries: Europe, Asia, USA and Canada, Australia, Mexico Certificates: ISO 22000, BRC — Contact: Cristina Aizpún T +34 639 040 974 F +34 913 791 962 CASTILLA LA MANCHA REGION (SPAIN) Booth 3231 Products: Olive Oil - Extra virgin, Confectionery and bakery products - Chocolate bars, Meat products, Processed meat product, Cheeses - Goat, Cheeses - Sheep, Mineral water, Spirits, Vinegar, Wines- Red, Wines - White, Wines - Young, Wines - Vintage, Wines - Reserve, Wines - Sparkling, Wines - Organic, Halal certified products, Kosher certified products Brands: Several brands — Contact: Prado Flores Amo T +34 925 259 100 CHIQUILIN SPICES Booth 3332 Products: Rice, pasta & cereals, Spices, Nuts and snacks, Paprika, Condiments, Tea & herbal infusion bags, Kosher certified products Brands: Chiquilin, Diana, Manzanís Exporting Countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, UK, Holland, Belgium... Certificates: BRC, KOSHER — Contact: David Torregrosa T +34 965 600 292 F +34 965 606 086 CORTIJO TRIFILLAS Booth 3239/A Products: Olive Oil, Cheeses, Vinegar, Wines Brands: Cortijo Trifillas, Isabel Peralta Exporting Countries: China, EU, USA, South America — Contact: Kati Wiekiera T +34 965 211 955 F +34 967 681 165 COVAP Booth 3342 Products: Meat products, Processed meat product, Dairy products, Halal certified products Brands: Covap Exporting Countries: Central Europe, USA, Asia, Latin America Certificates: ISO, BRS, IFS... — Contact: Pablo José Ramírez T +34 957 479 767 F +34 957 773 845 BALFEGÓ & BALFEGÓ Booth 3336 & 3334 Products: Fish and seafood, Fish and seafood - Fresh and frozen, Kosher certified products Brands: Balfegó Exporting Countries: EU, Japan, USA, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Colombia Certificates: ISO9001 — Contact: Higini Hernández T +34 977 047 700 F +34 977 457 812 DELIBREADS EUROPE Booth 3233 Products: Bread & Bakery Brands: Delisun, Delibreads, Fillings Exporting Countries: Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Greece, Malta, Israel, Greece, UK, Andorra Certificates: BRC, IFS, ISO14000, RSPO Palm Oil — Contact: Lorenzo Navarro T +34 962 781 642 F.J. SÁNCHEZ SUCESORES Booth 3330 Products: Olive Oil, Olive Oil - Extra virgin, Olive Oil - Virgin, Olive Oil - Pomace, Olive Oil - Organic, Olive Oil - Bulk, Olives, Pickles, Tinned vegetables, Halal certified products, Kosher certified products Brands: La Pedriza Exporting Countries: USA, Europe, China Certificates: BRC, IFS — Contact: Magdalena García T +34 950 364 038 F +34 950 364 422 GO FRUSELVA Booth 3340 Products: Functional foods, Fruits & Vegetables - fresh, Dairy products, Dairy products - Milk and milkshakes, Dietary products, Organic products, Tea & herbal infusion bags, Soft drinks & Juices Exporting Countries: International Certificates: ISO, BRS, IFS — Contact: Xavier Salvado T +34 977 844 890 HEREDAD DE MONTEAGUDO Booth 3338/A Products: Olive Oil - Extra virgin, Olive Oil - Virgin, Olive Oil - Pomace, Olive Oil - Organic, Olive Oil - Bulk Brands: Epiro Class, Epiro Chef, Epiro Nature, Epiro First, Epiro Vintage Exporting Countries: France, Holland, Italy, USA, Panama, Thailand, Taiwan Certificates: IFS, BRC (in process) — Contact: Carmen Tomás T +34 618 290 091 F +34 915 310 756 LA IBENSE BORNAY Booth 3247/A Products: Confectionery and bakery products, Confectionery and bakery products - Confectionery, Dairy products, Dairy products - Ice creams, Halal certified products Brands: La Ibense Bornay Exporting Countries: USA, Switzerland, Belgium, UK, Germany Certificates: ISO, IFS, HALAL — Contact: María Zurita T +34 856 818 406 MEDITERRANEA Booth 3237 Products: Condiments, Soft drinks & Juices Brands: Mediterranea Seawater Exporting Countries: Italy, Greece, Holland, Germany, Australia, USA Certificates: ISO9001, ISO1400, IFS — Contact: Mike Hammond T +34 965 928 857 NEW CONCISA Booth 3235 Products: Fish and seafood, Fish and seafood - Fresh and frozen, Fish and seafood - Processed Brands: Concisa Exporting Countries: Portugal, Andorra, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany Certificates: ISO 9001, APPCC — Contact: Alberto Hernando T +34 968 764 311 F +34 968 764 331 NOEL ALIMENTARIA Booth 3328 Products: Processed meat product, Processed meat product - Cured hams, Processed meat product - Cold meats Brands: Noel Exporting Countries: 55 countries Certificates: ISO, BRC, IFS, USDA — Contact: Joan Llorens Figueras T +34 972 290 700 F +34 972 290 538 OLEOESTEPA Booth 3346/B Products: Olive Oil, Vinegar, Kosher certified products Brands: Oleoestepa, Egregio, Estepa Virgen, Maestro Oleario, De Profundis Exporting Countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Iran, Taiwan, Germany, France, Italy, Croatia Certificates: ISO 14001, BRC, IFS — Contact: Kyle Davis T +34 955 913 154 F +34 955 913 537 ROUTES DE TERRE Booth 3346/A Products: Tinned vegetables, Fruits & Vegetables - fresh Brands: Routes de Terre Exporting Countries: USA, Europe, Mexico. Asia Certificates: ISO 22000 — Contact: Joan Casals T +34 973 500 323 SANT ANIOL Booth 3243 Products: Mineral water Brands: Sant Aniol Exporting Countries: UK, Japán, USA, Asutralia, Europe — Contact: Ariadna Prats T +34 696 679 591 VINOS GUERRA Booth 3247/B Products: Wines, Wines - Rosé, Wines- Red, Wines - White, Wines - Young, Wines - Vintage, Wines - Reserve, Wines - table, Wines - Sparkling Brands: Vindius, Señorío Del Bierzo, Vinos Guerra, Fontousal, Viña Oro Exporting Countries: Europe, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Mexico Certificates: IFS — Contact: Helena Villar Alvarez Vicente Casas Cano T +34 987546150 Olive oil Olives and pickles Fish (fresh/frozen) Bakery, industrial confectionary and biscuits Coffee and infusions Cheese and other dairy products Dietary and functional food Wines, ciders, beers and other alcoholic drinks Water, juices, soft drinks and others non-alcoholic drinks Pasta and flour Rice and vegetables Honey, cakes, chocolate and turrón Fish preserves Vegetable and fruit preserves Sausages and other meat products Organic products Dried fruit and snacks Fresh fruit and vegetables Spices & condiments Vinegar

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