Winning clients as a freelancer; an LSP perspective- Abrates 2016

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Information about Winning clients as a freelancer; an LSP perspective- Abrates 2016

Published on June 28, 2016

Author: eugeniaechave



2. presentation Analyze Communications Selling techniques What we look for this will…

3. presentation Provide Fresh perspective to analyze your own technique Tips to improve this will…

4. Draw a business plan with short, medium and long term objectives and a timeline. freelancer a is… Production Sales Training Admin Etc.

5. SpeakLatam = regional language vendor Serving LSPs & MLVs globally Staff 5 PMs 1 VM 1 Production 1 Sales Linguists 2 in house 2 full lancers 61 freelancers are Who we

6. Database 61 Translators (in 4 years) Recruited 3.3% Experience 51% -3 yrs xp. Areas of xpertise 85% 2 to 3 areas Rates 40% spread offreelancers

7. Opportunities for all Most people approached us No fixed rate What is important

8. 100% of first contact was via email Who do you contact?

9. Do not spam, TARGET clients!

10. Size Location Areas Language pair Culture Find a criteria

11. If you are not standing out, you might NOT be selling effectively consider that you might not be targeting the right clients! but also

12. Subject line: Cooperation between SpeakLatam and XXX Have you done yourresearch?

13. Relevant Subject line Polite Well structured Simple to browse No language issues Talking to ME! Why did I readit?

14. Not addressed Generic subject line Bcc’ed No information Most DISCARDED!are CV s Why?

15. You are the right person to define your profile, don’t leave that task to me!

16. Your client wants to KNOW how thorough, confident, smart and dedicated you are. First impressions Matter! Is this person a good fit? Issues • Lack of effort • Communication • Confidence?

17. Dedication • Talk to me! • Poor structure • Proofreading

18. NEVER leave your potential client wondering if you are not dedicated enough…

19. Engage on the first contact

20. Why is this engaging? o Format o Friendly o Clear o Name dropping o DIFFERENT

21. Les escribo con la intención de que me tengan en cuenta para desempeñarme como traductora en su empresa. Sería de gran agrado para mí poder formar parte de su grupo de trabajo. Me contacto con ustedes porque me interesa trabajar con SpeakLatam como traductora freelance. En archivo adjunto mando mi cv porque me interesa trabajar con ustedes y formar parte de su equipo. I am interesting texts about marketing, law, social science, economy, finance, mining, education, business, commerce, pharmaceutics, chemistry, energy, healthcare, tourism, general articles, etc. I am interested in working for your company to sell my services and acquire more experience in the translation/editing field. To whom it may concern, Please find attached my cv. Yours Faithfully I have worked for 1 year now and I’m eager to continue both learning and working. I’m currently working as a translator and I would like to work with new agencies to gain more experience. I’m a responsible professional who works hard to achieve the best results. I’m eager to learn and be sure you can count on me. Hola, buenas tardes. Soy Micaela estudiante de 5to año de Traductorado de Inglés- Les adjunto mi CV para que lo lean y me contacten. Me gustaría comenzar a trabajar haciendo traducción y tengo horario full time. Sería grato para mi tener la oportunidad de trabajar en su equipo de trabajo por lo cual espero recibir noticias suyas a la brevedad. Sin más, saludo a usted atte. In contrast…

22. You know who you are, what you offer. Say it CLEARLY. Do not use the passive approach!

23. What happens next? We will READ your CV!

24. Same principle applies! o Clear info o Relevant o Easy to browse o Well formatted o Correct language o CONSISTENT!

25. An example… Basic but… • Clear • Well formatted • Easy to read

26. A few ideas… o Picture o Education & work: Make it count o Courses: just a few! DO NOT ASSUME THE CV WILL NO BE SCRUTINIZED!

27. An example… Is the information relevant?

28. Being consistent…

29. “Studio expert” delivery

30. valueto something, If you assigned pursue it!

31. consistent! Know yourself & be

32. They contacted you. What now?

33. Second email from linguist

34. Second email from linguist She stopped selling!

35. Your goal is to get past the VM. Be engaging!

36. o Set yourself a path and goals o Sell Proactively o Define your profile o Do your research o Target the right clients o Be relevant o Polish your communication style o Structure the information o Engage o Be consistent and… NEVER STOP SELLING! summary

37. Thank you!

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