Winning B2B Strategies with Facebook Ads By Michelle Morgan

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Information about Winning B2B Strategies with Facebook Ads By Michelle Morgan

Published on October 25, 2018

Author: SearchMarketingExpo


1. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Winning B2B Strategies with Facebook Ads

2. #SMX #23B @michellemsem

3. #SMX #23B @michellemsem AGENDA § Audience: Who we target § Creative: How we speak to them § Calls to Action: What we ask of them § Campaign Structure: How we keep them engaged § Win-Back Strategies: What to do when we’ve lost them

4. #SMX #23B @michellemsem FINDING OUR AUDIENCE

5. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Facebook Has Had… § Job titles went away (for a time). § Nearly all B2B targeting options were removed when 3rd party targeting went away. a Tough Couple Years

6. #SMX #23B @michellemsem We Still Have Some Options § Job titles are available again. § Industries § Employers

7. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Don’t Take Targeting for Granted

8. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Lookalike Audiences

9. #SMX #23B @michellemsem What Can We Generate Lookalikes From? § Engagement Audiences § Website Audiences § Page Audiences § Custom Audience Uploads

10. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Good Data In, Good Data Out Lookalike Algorithm Patterned List No Patterns Strong Modeling

11. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Find Meaningful Segmentation • Thank You Page Visits • Pricing Page Visits • Video Viewers • Company Size • Returning vs One Time • Service Used • Product Category • Job Title • Industry • Geography • Sale vs Regular Price

12. #SMX #23B @michellemsem FIND A HAPPY MEDIUM 10k - 50k500 - 50k

13. #SMX #23B @michellemsem HOW WE TALK TO THEM

14. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Tell “Stories” In an Ad Where Possible § Highlight who your users are and highlight your benefits.

15. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Let Your Customers Talk You Up

16. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Keep Their End Goal in Mind, Not Yours

17. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Even in B2B, it’s OK to be a Little Goofy

18. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Real World vs Graphics § Graphics for content. § Real world images for non-content.

19. #SMX #23B @michellemsem WHAT WE ASK OF THEM

20. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Prices in B2B Are Different Than Ecommerce

21. #SMX #23B @michellemsem How Expensive Are Your CTAs?

22. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Don’t Demo on a First Date § Demo can mean anything that jumps right to the last stage of your lead funnel. § It’s a lot to ask of someone who might not be warmed up to your brand. § Would you request a demo for an expensive solution after the first ad impression?

23. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Lead Generation Forms

24. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Lead Generation Forms Set Up Needs § Data can be gathered in two ways: – Manual export of leads to spreadsheet. – Set up direct integration with CRM. – Support documentation is available everywhere. § Highly suggest using direct integration.

25. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Quantity vs Quality § This is a constant battle with lead gen forms. § How can we improve quality?

26. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Add a Welcome Screen § Reiterate what they clicked on in the ad, who you are, and what you’re offering.

27. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Create Custom Questions with No Autofill § Force them to manually fill something out rather than simply agreeing to the information Facebook populates.

28. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Ideally, We Use Multiple Calls to Action § Think of all the calls to action you have available. § Is there a logical path for someone to engage with a number of them? § Let’s create a user journey that: – Keeps us top of mind, and – Is pleasant for our audience Awareness Interest Consideration Action


30. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Awareness Interest Consideration Action § Each of the pieces of the chart are important to the funnel. § Each block represents an audience. § Each line in between represents a call to action. Breaking Down the Funnel

31. #SMX #23B @michellemsem STAGE AUDIENCE CALLTO ACTION Awareness Lookalike BrandVideoView Interest VideoViews > 50% Informational Whitepaper Consideration Whitepaper Downloads Demo Request Action Demo Requested N/A Mapping Our Audiences and CTAs

32. #SMX #23B @michellemsem • When we’re finished, the user flows through each call to action from one audience to another. • Each time, they move themselves closer to conversion. Lookalike VideoViews Download Demo Putting it All Together

33. #SMX #23B @michellemsem LOOKALIKE VIDEOVIEWS WHITEPAPER DEMO Nesting Audiences Each audience is a smaller degree of the original.

34. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Demos Whitepaper Downloads VideoViews Ad Set 2 Ad Set 1 Ad Set 4 Lookalike Ad Set 3 Our Goal is For Separated Lists

35. #SMX #23B @michellemsem LOOKALIKE VIDEOVIEWS WHITEPAPER DEMO Exclude most specific audience from less: Exclude Up the Funnel


37. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Demos Whitepaper, No Demo VideoViews, NoWP or Demo Ad Set 2 Ad Set 1 Ad Set 4 Lookalike Alone Ad Set 3 The Negative Space Identifies the Negative Audience

38. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Back to the Funnel HOW WE KEEP THEM ENGAGED

39. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Awareness Interest Consideration Action

40. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Let’s Change Shapes $1,000

41. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Retargeting: Making Them Happy to Come Back

42. #SMX #23B @michellemsem VideoViews Whitepaper Tool Demo

43. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Retargeting Lists

44. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Retargeting List Timing

45. #SMX #23B @michellemsem 90 Days 60 Days 30 Days Create 3 Audiences: Retargeting List Timing

46. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Decreasing Call To Action Price as Time Goes On 90 Days • Soft CTA 60 Days • Medium CTA 30 Days • Firm CTA 90 Days 60 Days 30 Days

47. #SMX #23B @michellemsem 180 Days • BrandVideoView 90 Days • Whitepaper 45 Days • Tool 7 Days • Demo VideoViews Whitepaper Tool Demo

48. #SMX #23B @michellemsem 180 Days • BrandVideoView 90 Days • Ebook 55 Days • Whitepaper 45 Days • Tool 7 Days • Demo VideoViews Whitepaper Tool Demo

49. #SMX #23B @michellemsem VideoViews Whitepaper Tool Demo Whitepaper 2 Ebook

50. #SMX #23B @michellemsem FINISHING THROUGH TO MQL

51. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Moving Down the Funnel

52. #SMX #23B @michellemsem VideoViews Whitepaper Tool Demo

53. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Lead Scoring

54. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Lead Scoring § Problem comes when a user has only done a top of funnel call to action. § Needs additional points to get them to MQL. § 2 Possibilities: – Retarget to Demo – Engagement Targeting

55. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Engagement Campaigns to Boost Lead Scores § Push users to new content they haven’t seen before, mapping folks away from previously viewed content. +10 +10

56. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Simple Audience Exclusions § Push users to new content they haven’t seen before, mapping folks away from previously viewed content. Ad Set 1 Ad Set 2 Ad Set 3 Ebook 1 Ebook 2 Ebook 3 Leads Short of MQL Points Leads Short of MQL Points Leads Short of MQL Points Ebook 1Visits Ebook 2Visits Ebook 3Visits

57. #SMX #23B @michellemsem CRM Data Usage § For users with too low of score to move to MQL, create lists and reengage. § Custom uploads into channels, but if you use Marketo you’re in luck.

58. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Closing the Deal § Some users make their way to the late stages of the buyer funnel only to get stuck for one reason or another. § Win back stalled Opportunities with specialized messaging.

59. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Reviving Old Accounts

60. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Acting Like an SDR § Sales Development Reps work within your CRM to bring back users in your database that haven’t been active for a while. § We can do that too! § Throw users back at the top of the funnel.

61. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Acting Like an SDR § Don’t stop at contacts. § This limits your impact: – Users leave companies – Get promoted – This contact is lazy – Someone else has greater stake § B2B is about winning businesses, not individuals. § Upload list of accounts and target the company instead.

62. #SMX #23B @michellemsem Share these #SMXInsights on your social channels! #SMXInsights § Leverage meaningful lists to find new targets. § Don’t be stodgy with creative. Have some fun. § Keep B2B price in mind with CTAs. § Map your audiences to a funnel. § Leverage CRM data to move users through to customer.

63. #SMX #23B @michellemsem MICHELLE MORGAN Director of Client Services Clix Marketing PPC Since 2010 Whovian Golfer Tea > Coffee Ripley’s Mom


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