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Published on January 28, 2016

Author: MichelleBourg


1. inthelongrun BY. IlCHEl_LliBOL‘RG An Ounce of Prevention he anterior tibi» alis muscle of your shin may be one of the most overlooked muscles in the body. Even though it’s indispensable for walking, running or even driving a car (think about it the next time you step on the brake or gas pedals), most people only notice it when the pain of shin splints strikes. Strengthening this muscle is critical in order to bal- ance the work done by the calves, which can cause an imbalance between the front and back of the leg and make you more susceptible to injury. For- tunately, keeping the an- terior tibialis strong and stretched is easy once you get the hang ofit. The fol- lowing exercises will help: Strengthening: I Stand upright, weight evenly distributed on both feet. Keeping the heel on the floor, slowly raise the toes up offthe floor. Y0u’ll achieve a greater range of motion as you progress. I Sit on a chair or stool and let your legs dangle. If your feet touch the floor, place a rolled towel under your thigh or lift your bent leg with your hands so that your feet hang freely with complete range of motion. Begin by slowly flexing the foot upward, bringing the toes toward your shin, then letting the foot relax and hang down. You’ll feel the burn quickly, so start with five or six reps, working up to 10 to 12. Trace circles in the air with your toes by rotating the ankle clockwise 16 October 2009 WINGFOOT and then counter-clockwise. For an extra challenge, wrap a very light wrist weight (no more than a half pound) around the ball of your foot or thread a sock filled with a few quarters between your toes. I Sit on the floor, legs ex- tended full length in front of you. Tie a rubber resis- tance band (light resistance) around a chair or table leg to form a loop. Place your foot into the loop with the band positioned across the top of your foot near the toes. Mak- ing sure there’s no slack in the band, pull your toes to- ward you against the band’s resistance. Build up to 10 to 12 reps per leg. Stretching: I Stand upright, facing a wall or the back of a chair for balance. Place one foot about 12 inches behind you with your toes tucked under. Slowly bend your front leg until you feel a stretch in the shin of the opposite leg. Hold for a few seconds and then slowly return to a standing position. Reverse the posi- tion ofyour legs and repeat. This exercise is best done barefoot for complete range of motion. I Kneel on an exercise mat or folded blanket, feet tucked beneath you. Keeping one hand on the floor to maintain balance, place the other hand around your shin, just below the knee. Use that hand to gen- tly raise the leg a few inches from the floor. Hold for a few seconds and then lower the leg. Repeat on the other side. 0 . :._ . ..__. M. H -V

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