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Published on January 28, 2016

Author: MichelleBourg


1. RUN WITH A COLD, TAPER WITH A FEVER? This year has already been a banner year for illness in the At- lanta area. and ifyou haven’t already caught “the crud" that‘s been going around. you know someone who has. if you hold with the conventional wisdom that exercising with a cold will prolong it and/ or worsen its severity. you may be tempted to plop on the couch for a “Game of Thrones" marathon. but studies at Ball State University say it's better to keep moving. I)uring the study. subjects in the exercise group ran. climbed stairs and rode stationary bikes for 40 minutes each day at 70 percent of their maximum heart rate, while the second group limited activity to walking to classes and working their part-time jobs. The exercise group described themselves as feeling better after workouts and did not suffer from prolonged symptoms compared to the control group. Researchers do warn. however. that the study only ap- plies to head colds——il| nesses displaying only symptoms above the neck. such as a stuffy nose or a sore throat. For anything below the neck—muscle soreness. coughing or any gastrointestinal symptoms—rest is definitely in order. 22 MARCH 2014 WINGFOOT BY MICHELLE BOURG And any workouts should be done at home to avoid passing the illness to others. So. there‘s no need to feel guilty about continuing your workottt regimen during a bout with a cold, and you now have a comeback for well-meaning friends who tell you to go home and rest——just don‘t go for a PR. lt‘s better than fac- ing the fitness rebuilding week that follows that “Game of Thrones" marathon. GROW YOUR OWN RUNNING SHOES? As we head into the brave new world. every aspect of our lives is poised for a major transformation, including our running gear. While still theoretical. the latest development in running shoes comes not from engineering or kinetics but from the field of synthetic biology. but doesn't every- thing nowadays? British researcher Shamees Aden has developed a concept utilizing protocells. a synthetic cell that can be formulated to behave much like a living cell. 'l'he protocell shoes would be 31) printed to an individual's exact measurements. When worn, the cells would respond to the running surface to pro- vide constantly adapting cushion and support. Afterward. instead of throwing them in the closet or on the back porch. the wearer would immerse them in a container of protocell liquid to rejuvenate for the next run. Aden likens the process to taking care ofa plant. I f you're interested in the idea, don’t hold off on buying shoes just yet. The idea isn‘t projected to become feasible for mass-market production until around 2050. By that time. shoe company marketers should also have adapted in time to launch a compelling ad campaign. '7

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