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Published on January 28, 2016

Author: MichelleBourg


1. the g----........ hound B y MIC HEL L E Rail-Trails Southeast Rails-to-Trails Conservancy 2006, Wilderness Press $15.95 205 pages B 0 U R G The Silver Comet Trail has become one of Atlanta's favorite recreation spots, with hun- dreds of runners, walkers, cyclists and inline skaters enjoying its more than 50 miles of level asphalt and beautiful scenery every day. What many may not realize is that the Silver Comet is part of a raiVtrail system com- prising more than 1,400 trails and 13,000 total miles, used by over 100 million people annually. Over 100 of these trails are located in the Southeast, with eight in Georgia alone. To help people discover and make the most of these trails, the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has put together a series of guidebooks, starting with "Rail-Trails Southeast." The book's key feature is its succinctness: it strikes just the right balance between brevity and descriptiveness, which makes for an easy (as well as portable) reference. While the format is highly user-friendly, it's a good idea to read the opening section, which explains the icons and ratings used in the book, provides an introduction to trail eti- quette and safety, and gives information about the Conservancy. The body of the text is organized into chapters for each state, with each state's trails listed alphabetically within each chapter. For each trail, a two-color map shows the start and finish areas and when available, restrooms and drinking fountains. Permitted uses for a given trail (hiking, biking, inline skating, etc.) are indicated by a symbol key. Direc- tions to nailheads are included and sidebars give the mileage, surface type and roughness index (a measurement of the appropriateness of the trail's surface for various uses, such as road bikes or trail bikes, and for users of differing general fitness levels). Rounding out each summary is a brief verbal description of the trail, including scenery, points of interest and nearby attractions. Contact information for each trail concludes each section, and black and white photography is featured throughout. If you've been looking to break out of the urban running routine but don't know where to begin, "Rail Trails: Southeast" will provide plenty of inspiration as well as solid techni- cal information. Rail trails are a great way to explore a different area or get a new perspec- tive on a familiar one. Make it one of your running goals to log a few miles on one soon.

2. C9 by Champion'" Let's face it: running gear can be expensive. Fortunately, you don't need a lot of it to enjoy the sport, but you do want quality, and even the basics like shorts and sports bras can produce a case of sticker shock. A trip to a discount store usually yields cheap Lycra knock- offs in colors that disappeared with A Flock of Seagulls. Target stores have changed all that with their C9 line of apparel and acces- sories, produced by Champion. The C9 line includes a wide range of items, made with the same design, materials, and technology found in Champion's regular line. Everything you need for your run- ning wardrobe is here: men's and women's shorts, tights, shirts or singlets, jackets and socks, as well as sports bras. All feature the latest Champion technology, such as seamless styling, Duo-CoreTM wicking and antimicrobial finishes. And the colors are the same ones you'll see at the sporting good stores. There are even items for kids. With the money you save, you can either buy more of your favorites or splurge on that heart rate monitor you've had your eye on. C9 by Champion is available in all Target stores and at Prices vary by item. SnotSpot You've done it-no point IT)ing to deny it. You were out on a run ·hen your nose beoan to run roo. After 10 min- utes of sniffing, you gave up and tried ro wipe your nose on your nylon gloves, which wasn't only slick and cold, it also left a shiny frozen spot on the back of your hand. Or, caught without gloves, were forced to use your singlet and run with a wet spot front and center on your chest. Or you went for the "farmer's blow"- let's just not go there. Enter the Snot Spot. Worn like a glove, this microfleece panel covers the back of the hand and the index finger and provides a soft, absorbent place to discreetly wipe your nose without having to involve your clothes, skin, or surrounding real estate. Washable (of course) and extremely lightweight, they're available in two colors (black and alabaster) and in large and small sizes to fit youth or adult runners over bare hands or gloves. The Snot Spot is available from and at various outdoor supply websites for $9.95. HAND SPOr" Offers a slimmer design and adjustable wrist strap to fit on a bare hand or over a thin glove or liner One sizefits most on either hand. GLOVE SPOT"' Designed to be worn over thick, insulated gloves. Two sizes -- large and small. Fits either hand. MITTEN SPOT"' Designed to fit over the thumb ofa thick, insulated mit- ten. Two sizes -- large and small. Fits on right hand, or turn inside out to fit left hand. March 2007 WINGFOOT 29

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