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Published on February 12, 2012

Author: bellajhenn


… Wine Service …: … Wine Service … PREPARATION BEFORE SERVICE Tools and glassware needed for preparing and serving wine. : Corkscrew Decanter Note pad and pen Side towel Round tray Wine basket Wine bucket Wine Glasses Wine List PREPARATION BEFORE SERVICE Tools and glassware needed for preparing and serving wine. Corkscrew: Corkscrew Decanter: Decanter Note pad and Pen: Note pad and Pen Side towel: Side towel Round Tray: Round Tray Wine Basket: Wine Basket Wine Bucket: Wine Bucket Wine Glasses: Wine Glasses Wine List: Wine List TYPES OF WINE: TYPES OF WINE Wines are identified by color, body, aroma, taste, type, name and vintage. Wines are grouped into four basic types. These types are as follows; Table wines: Table wines The majority of wines, both white and red, are considered table wines and are consumed with the meal. These wines are fermented grape juice. SPARKLING WINES: SPARKLING WINES Often used for special occasions, contain carbon dioxide to make then effervescent. Champagne is a best known sparkling wine. FORTIFIED WINES: FORTIFIED WINES Wines are combined with brandy to retain more flavor. Dry fortified wines such as sherry are often served before dinner and sweet fortified wines such as port are often served after dinner. AROMATIZED WINES: AROMATIZED WINES A few wines are light fortified and flavored with herbs and spices. Aromatized wines, such as vermouth are often served in combination w/other alcoholic beverages such as cocktail. Wine Storage: Wine Storage Wine storage temperature is the most important factor to consider when keeping wine for long. Even wine kept for a few weeks or months can be affected by the temperature at which it is stored . PowerPoint Presentation: All wine is best stored between 45º - 60º F ( 7º-15º C), with 50º to 55º F (10º to 13º C) being the optimal range . Red wines – 55 F or 13 C White / Rose / Sparkling – 49 F or 5 C Wine Preparation: Wine Preparation Wine temperature is one of the most commonly overlooked guidelines when serving wine. Temperature affects the taste and the nose of wine . Wine temperature before serving: : Wine temperature before serving: Red Wine – room temperature 20 – 25 C White Wine – chilled 4 -13 C or 40 – 50 F Rose Wine – chilled cool temperature Sparkling Wine – chilled 4 – 7 C or 40 – 45 F INFORM CUSTOMER ACCURATELY ABOUT THE WINES: INFORM CUSTOMER ACCURATELY ABOUT THE WINES A glass of wine is often the first thing that a customer will ask you for when they come to an establishment. It is therefore, important that you have the knowledge to correctly provide customers with correct information about what types of wine are available. This first contact with the customers will set the precedent for the rest of their stay. PowerPoint Presentation: Always present customers with the wine and drink list when they arrive, as they want to know what is available and the price . Have a thorough knowledge of all items on the wine/drink list . PowerPoint Presentation: Know how wines are made and how the different wines taste. It is also important to know which country/area wines come from. Know what wines are in fashion. Know how to correctly serve wines. PowerPoint Presentation: Each customer has different requirements and different tastes. It is therefore important to identify these tastes, as what one person likes, another may not . When telling customers about wines that are available, be careful not to use high pressure selling techniques. These may not be welcome. Try to use suggestive selling techniques . PowerPoint Presentation: Remember that customers will never ask you what beer they should have, but they will always ask you about wines, so it is essential to learn everything you can about wines . When customers choose wines you will find that most people will choose wine from the middle of the list, not too cheap and not too expensive. PowerPoint Presentation: Some wines have unusual names and people have difficulty in pronouncing them. Do not correct them obviously, but make sure you pronounce the name correctly when you are presenting it. If you are unsure of how to say a name, you should ask your supervisor or even the wine seller or maker if you have contact with them. Never recommend the most expensive wine, as the customer will think you only want to sell that wine because of its price . WINE LIST PRESENTATION AND ORDER TAKING: WINE LIST PRESENTATION AND ORDER TAKING Greet the guest and introduce yourself and your purpose . “ Good day ladies and gentlemen, I’m Jenniffer your wine stewardess server. I’m here to present to you our wine list for you to choose the wine to go with your food.” PowerPoint Presentation: Know who is the host of the party . “ May I know who is the host of the party ?” Present the wine list at the right side of the host. “ Here is the wine list sir .” PowerPoint Presentation: Take the order, do suggestive selling and up selling. “ Sir may I suggest Listel Chardonnay a chilean white wine with a notes of vanilla and lemon which really ,matches your appetizer. Would you like to have that wine Sir ?” Write down the order . PowerPoint Presentation: Repeat the order. “ May I repeat your order Sir, you have Listel Chardonnay wine for your appetizer. For your main course you take Calvet Cabernet Sauvignon and Sandeman Port Wine for your dessert. Did I get it all right Sir ?” Excuse yourself before leaving for preparation. “ Excuse me Sir I’ll just prepare all your wines and your glasses.” SUGGESTIVE SELLING: SUGGESTIVE SELLING This is the most popular form of selling in hospitality establishments. It involves recommending that extra glass or bottle of wine to the customer to make his/her dining experience more pleasurable. It also means that you need to have a very good knowledge of the wines that compliment certain dishes. SOME EXAMPLES OF SUGGESTIVE SELLING ARE: : SOME EXAMPLES OF SUGGESTIVE SELLING ARE: Customers have finished a bottle of wine : “Would you like another of the same wine or shall I bring the wine list for you ?” Customers are celebrating a special occasion: “We have a fine selection of champagne available by the glass and by the bottle. Shall I bring you the list?” WINES AND FOOD PAIRING: WINES AND FOOD PAIRING The general rules in pairing food with wines are: FOR THE COLOR – red wine goes with red or darker meat while white wine goes with white meats. FOR THE TASTE OR FLAVOR – strong food goes with strong, robust full bodied wines; light flavored foods goes with light bodied and fruit wines. BASIC EXAMPLES OF WINES AND FOOD PAIRING: BASIC EXAMPLES OF WINES AND FOOD PAIRING SWEET The sweetness in food cancels the “ fruit “ and any residual sugar in wines, making wine taste drier. Sweet dishes or desserts call for wines at least the same level of sweetness. PowerPoint Presentation: SALTY Foods that are salty or briny also cancel the “ fruit ” in wines. Salty foods call for wines that are aromatic with high acidity, some sweetness, low tannins and intense fruitness . TART Tart foods cancel some of wine’s fruity flavor. Serve them with lightly sweet, very fruity and full bodied white wines. In some instances wines that are tart or crisp will also work well. PowerPoint Presentation: SPICY Foods that are spicy will also somehow cancel the fruitiness of the wines. Serve these kinds of foods with lightly sweet, very fruity, low tannins, and crisp wines. Avoid wines with higher alcohol, tannic red and oaky wines. RICH delicately flavored, lighter bodied wines are usually overpowered by rich dishes. Serve these dishes with full flavored, full bodied, higher acid wines. PowerPoint Presentation: FISH AND GAME Fish and game can overpower mildly flavored, medium bodied, dry wines, serve fish and games with very fruity, full bodied, high acid and medium sweet wines. PROMOTING WINES TO CUSTOMER AT APPROPRIATE TIME: PROMOTING WINES TO CUSTOMER AT APPROPRIATE TIME At all times it is extremely important to ‘read’ your customers and this is also the case when promoting or suggesting wine . The first opportunity to promote wine is when customers arrive. This gives you the chance to tell them about the house specials, possibly the wine of the month . PowerPoint Presentation: Presenting the customers with the wine list is also a form of promotion. When customers have finished a drink other than wine, recommend the wine list. PowerPoint Presentation: When customers have finished one bottle of wine, suggest they have another. You may also like to suggest a different wine for them to try . If given the opportunity, suggest wines to the customers that compliment the meals that they have ordered . Table set up: Table set up Start with the guest near where you came from. Place glasses at the tip of the knife or beside the water goblet. Place the red wine or main course wine first then the appetizer wine glass. Set up all the glasses at once. Always excuse yourself every time you approach a guest to set up. SAMPLE TABLE SET UP: SAMPLE TABLE SET UP SEQUENCE OF SERVING WINES WITH FOOD: SEQUENCE OF SERVING WINES WITH FOOD Serve the appetizer wine first. Serve the appetizer dish. Clear the appetizer cup or plate. Clear appetizer wine glass. Serve main course wine. Serve the main course. Clear main course plate. Clear main course wine glass. Set up dessert wine glass. Serve dessert wine. Serve dessert. Clear dessert plate. Clear dessert wine glass. WINE PRESENTATION: WINE PRESENTATION Steps: Hold the wine properly label facing to the guest. Tell what wine you are serving. “ Sir here’s your red wine for your main course, Calvet C abernet Sauvignon, a french red wine vintage 2000.” Ask if the wine can now be opened. “ Sir can I open it now?” OPENING A BOTTLE OF WINE: OPENING A BOTTLE OF WINE HOW TO OPEN A BOTTLE OF STILL WINE Cut and remove the metal cap or the covering of the wine. Wipe the lip and the cork to remove molds or cork bits. Insert the screw. Tip at the center of the cork. PowerPoint Presentation: 4. Put the screw to remove the cork. 5. Wipe the lip of the bottle. 6. Remove the cork from the screw and present it to the host or place it on the under liner. OPENING AND SERVING STILL WINE: OPENING AND SERVING STILL WINE OPENING A BOTTLE OF SPARKLING WINE: OPENING A BOTTLE OF SPARKLING WINE Steps: Cut and remove the metal cap. Unscrew the wire cage and remove. Hold the bottle in 45 degrees angle. Hold the cork firmly and twist the bottle counter with cork slowly to remove the cork. Avoid popping out the cork. PowerPoint Presentation: 4. After removing the cork let the bottle stay in 45 degrees angle for a while to avoid the wine gushing out of the bottle. 5. Present the cork to the host or place it in an under liner. Opening bottle and serving of Sparkling wine: Opening bottle and serving of Sparkling wine … thank you for watching …: … thank you for watching … Prepared By: Jenniffer B. Aga HRT - 21

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