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Published on February 21, 2008

Author: Demetrio


Windows Server Product Roadmap:  Windows Server Product Roadmap Samm DiStasio Group Product Manager Microsoft Corporation Agenda :  Agenda Server workload focus Product roadmap philosophy Product release roadmap Release details Summary Server Workloads Focus:  Server Functions Operational Infrastructure Server Workloads Focus Application/Web Server Unix integration services Database High Performance Computing Storage (file, portal) Print Email Collaboration Networking Remote Access Security Identity Management Software Distribution Virtualization Operations Management Terminal Server Branch Office Medium Business Small Business Workloads Solutions Application Platform Information Worker Infrastructure Key Development Tenets Security, Security, Security Best of breed functionality in all key server workloads Integrated innovation Integrated identity management Integrated security model Integrated programming model Integrated operations management Integration across development tools, Windows client and Office Enabling broad industry ecosystem and volume economics Customer scenario-focused deployment options Heterogeneous interoperability Windows Server Release Cycle:  Windows Server Release Cycle Major Release Major Release Major Release Release Update Release Update ~ 4 years ~ 2 years Slide5:  Windows Server: Codename “Longhorn” Beta 1 Windows Server, High Performance Computing (HPC) Edition Windows Server 2003 Update: Codename “R2” Windows Server 2003 for 64-Bit Extended Systems Additional Feature Packs (e.g. Windows Update Services) Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Windows Server “Longhorn” Beta 2 Windows Server 2003 SP2 Windows Server “Longhorn” Windows Server “Longhorn” Update Windows “Longhorn” Service Pack Release Roadmap Windows Server 2003 Feature Packs and Other Server Products/Technologies:  *Enterprise & Datacenter Editions Only =shipped Windows Server 2003 Feature Packs and Other Server Products/Technologies Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1:  Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Reliability improvements to address top customer issues Security enhancements Relevant XP SP2 enhancements (e.g. RPC, DCOM lockdown) Security Configuration Wizard Boot-time network protection for clean installs VPN client inspection Increased performance 10%+ improvement in TPC, TPC-H, SAP, SSL, etc. Windows Firewall/RPC:  Windows Firewall/RPC Goals and customer benefit Provide by default better protection from network attacks Focus on role-based server configuration What we’re doing Windows Firewall (formerly ICF) will be on by default in almost all configurations More configuration options Group policy, command line, unattended setup Better user interface Boot time protection Restrict anonymous connections to DCOM/RPC interfaces Application impact In-bound network connections will not be permitted by default Listening ports only open as long as the application is running Security Configuration Wizard:  Security Configuration Wizard Guided Attack Surface Reduction for Windows Servers Security Coverage Roles-Based Metaphor Disables Unnecessary Services Disables Unnecessary IIS Web Extensions Blocks unused Ports, inlcuding multi-homed scenarios Helps Secure Ports that are left open using IPSEC Reduces protocol exposure (LDAP, NTLM, SMB) Configures Audit Setting Security for mere mortals Roles-based makes answering questions easy Automated versus Paper-Based Guidance Fully tested and supported by Microsoft SCW Operational Coverage:  SCW Operational Coverage Rollback, when applied policies disrupt service expectation Analysis, to check that machines are in compliance with policies Remotability for configuration and analysis operations Command Line Support for remote config and analysis en-masse Active Directory Integration for Group Policy-based deployment Editing of previously created policies, when machines are repurposed XSL Views of Knowledge base, policies and analysis results 64-bit Extended Systems Client and Server Support:  64-bit Extended Systems Client and Server Support Key value Extends return on investment in 32-bit applications Provides evolutionary path to 64-bit technology with greater price-performance Single code-base AMD-Opteron, Intel Xeon EM64T supported with one product Impact Runs most existing 32-bit apps with increased performance 64-bit app platform for best performance & scalability Core OS performance benefits “First mover” Workloads: Preliminary Testing Platform Direction:  Platform Direction Scalability Breadth of Applications 32-bit x86 64-bit x64 64-bit IPF 64-bit Product Lineup:  64-bit Product Lineup Windows Server 2003 Update Codename “R2”:  Windows Server 2003 Update Codename “R2” Built on Windows Server 2003 SP1 Same application compatibility, servicing and support lifecycle as Windows Server 2003 Key Themes & Scenarios: Streamlined and Secure Information Access Seamless anywhere access Identity Federation Network defense Branch Office Workload Optimizations Simplified branch office server deployment and management Optimized WAN utilization Availability and Licensing Windows Server 2003 R2 will be the standard product in all channels at release Servers covered by Software Assurance (SA) at the time of release will receive R2 as part of their benefits Available for purchase as new server license for non-SA systems No new Windows Server 2003 CALs required Seamless Anywhere Access:  Seamless Anywhere Access Point to point access of file, Web, and Terminal Services Easy deployment Works from anywhere for users More secure than VPN Anywhere Access Server File Shares Apps via TS Outlook via Exchange https:// Identity Federation Active Directory Federation Services:  Identity Federation Active Directory Federation Services Company A Company B Sharepoint Server Extends Active Directory to enable cross-org single sign-on Eliminates the need for IT to manage external user accounts Standards-based interoperability with other platforms Network Access Protection:  Network Access Protection Health checkup IT checks “health” of client Network Access Control Clients who pass get network access Clients who do not pass are fixed or blocked (aka “quarantined”) Health maintenance Quarantined clients can be given access to resources to get healthy From Home (VPN, Dial up) Returning Laptops Consultants Guests Unhealthy Desktops Simplified Branch Servers:  Simplified Branch Servers Optimize WAN traffic Cache/Mirror content to branch location Manage centrally, backup data centrally Branch fully functional if connectivity fails WAN or INTERNET Windows Server “Longhorn” High-level Focus:  Windows Server “Longhorn” High-level Focus Next generation Web Services Application platform Integrated management of IIS, ASP.NET & “Indigo” Focus on shared usage and hosting scenarios Manageability from the ground up Role-based deployment reduces maintenance and attack surface “Better-than-UNIX” scripting, automation, monitoring, diagnostics and settings management Enhanced PC and server deployment and management Enhanced fundamentals, including security IPV6 aware roles, App Compatibility with Windows Server 2003 New hardware and standards support Dynamic partitioning for Windows “mainframes”, Diskless blades support, PCI-Express New Windows Server 2003 R2 functionality comes forward to Windows Server Longhorn How To Get Involved  How To Get Involved Share your ideas with the Windows Server Development Team via You can also participate in: Online surveys about product feature priorities Product focus groups TechBeta Slide21:  © 2003-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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