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Information about Windows Azure Mobile Services

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: goldshtn



Presentation from ConFoo 2014 on Windows Azure Mobile Services. Introducing the platform, building out an application that uses data storage, server-side scripts, custom API endpoints, push notifications, and client authentication. Source code is available on GitHub at

Sasha Goldshtein CTO, SELA Group @goldshtn Windows Azure Mobile Services © Copyright SELA software & Education Labs Ltd. | 14-18 Baruch Hirsch St Bnei Brak, 51202 Israel |

Who Are We? App Developers What Do We Hate? Backends

We need one backend for all our mobile apps, scaled by the cloud Oh, and it should cost about $0-5 / month for a small, simple app

Backend as a Service Windows 8 & Windows Phone iOS & Android HTML & JavaScript Data & LINQ queries Server scripts, scheduler Authentication & WAADNEW Custom APINEW Source control and NPMNEW Push, notification hubsNEW

Windows Azure Mobile Services Portal Demo

Initializing The Mobile Service Client The application key is for development iOS Windows 8 / Windows PhoneIn Android use user purposes only. / production, authentication to limit access to data ms = new MobileServiceClient( [MSClient clientWithApplicationURLString: "" "", "..." /*API key*/); applicationKey:"..."];

Accessing Data // Windows 8 and Windows Phone var apartments = await ms.GetTable<Apartment>() .Where(a => a.Bedrooms > 2).ToListAsync(); // Android ms.getTable(Apartment.class).where(). .field("bedrooms").gt(2).execute(...); // iOS NSPredicate *pred = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"bedrooms > 2"]; [[client getTable:@"apartment"] readWhere:pred completion:^...];

Server Scripts CRUD operations can pass through a custom script Use for validation, data enrichment, etc. Scripts are written in JavaScript and run on Node.js Can access several Node modules: request, push, … function insert(item, user, request) { if (item.address.length === 0) { request.respond(400); } else { request.execute(); } }

Custom API Add custom HTTP endpoints to your mobile service Very useful for external access = function(request, response) { sharedHub.send_ad(request.body.message, function(error) { if (error) { response.send(500, 'Error sending ad: ' + error); } else { response.send(200); } }); };

Enriching Data with Server Scripts Demo

Push Prepare app for push from script On trigger, send push notifications Depends on platform Unfortunately, push API differs for each platform Channel = await PushNotificationChannelManager. push.wns.sendToast02(channel.uri, { text01: "New apartment added", CreatePushNotificationChannelForApplicationAsync(); channelsTable.Insert(new Channel(Channel.Uri)); text02: apartment.address });

Notification Hubs Register push messages based on the Blast out templates for push notifications with arbitrary and the tags template custom tags template = var payload{=data: { message: '$(message)' } }; { message : message }; hub.gcm.createTemplateRegistration(request.body.uri, }); hub.send(tag, payload, function(error, outcome) { ...tags, template, registrationComplete);

Server-Side Push Support Demo

Authentication // iOS if (!client.currentUser) { [self presentViewController:[client loginViewControllerWithProvider:@"twitter" completion:(MSUser *user, NSError *err) ... ] animated:YES]; } // Android if (client.getCurrentUser() != null) { client.login( MobileServiceAuthenticationProvider.Twitter, new UserAuthenticationCallback() ...); }

Authentication Demo

Summary Windows Azure Mobile Services provide a powerful and customizable backend for your mobile apps Code available at

Questions Sasha Goldshtein CTO, SELA Group @goldshtn

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