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Published on November 29, 2007

Author: Julie


Windows CE Overview:  Windows CE Overview Ralf Ebert System Engineer Device Solution Sales Microsoft Corporation Windows Embedded Video:  Windows Embedded Video Agenda:  Agenda Windows CE Overview Features Overview Development Cycle Tools Demo New Features of Windows CE 5.0 Shared Sources and Licensing What Is Windows CE?:  What Is Windows CE? 32-bit, real-time, multitasking OS Highly componentized Delivered as a granular set of components Use Platform Builder tools to configure image Scalable Footprint scales with functionality selected Wide variety of CPU support Runs on x86, ARM, XScale, MIPS and SH4 Wide Range of Devices :  Thin Clients Digital Audio Receivers and Players Smart Displays Voice-over IP Devices Medical Devices Industrial Automation Wide Range of Devices Mobile Handhelds Set-Top Boxes Gateways XP Embedded Versus Windows CE 5.0:  XP Embedded Versus Windows CE 5.0 x86 processors Full Win32 API compatibility Basic images from 8MB (“Hello World”) With 3rd party extensions Multiple processors / power management Requires additional effort Basic images from 350 KB Native Processor Support Real-time Footprint Win32 API Compatibility Windows CE Architecture:  OEM Hardware Embedded Shell Applications Microsoft OEM ISV, OEM Windows CE Architecture Approximate Image Sizes:  Approximate Image Sizes Features:  Features Productive Solid Innovative Productive:  Productive Faster Design Starts Pre-configured device designs Shorter Build-Debug-Deploy Cycle Common IDE Broader and Extensible CPU Support Design flexibility, ARM, MIPS, SH, x86 Powerful Application Development Visual Studio.NET, eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 Greater Application Compatibility AYGShell API, Standard SDK Productive:  Productive Emulation Environments Device Emulator, Emulation Edition Shared Source Access Over 2.5 million lines of source code available Community Collaboration Shared runtimes, newsgroups, chats, events New “How-To” Content Over 60 new step-by-step guides Solid Foundation :  Solid Foundation Hard Real-Time Kernel Ultra-low bounded ISR/IST latency Small Footprint Optimization Granular kernel, over 350 components System-Wide Reliability, Robustness Hung app API, unique device ID, memory mgmt Advanced Power Management Instant on, Power Manager Open Communications Platform TCP/IP, IPv4, IPv6, NDIS 5.1, Winsock 2.0 Hard Real-Time :  Hard Real-Time Nested interrupt support 256 priority levels Thread quantum level control Virtual memory write protection Built-in performance monitoring tools Low ISR/IST latency ISR/IST latencies of 2.8/26.4 microseconds Measured on an Intel 100MHZ board Windows CE 5.0 Priority Map:  Windows CE 5.0 Priority Map Interrupt Architecture:  Kernel Interrupt Architecture HW OAL Thread ISR Set Event ID ISR ISR1 ISRN ISR Latency IST IST Latency Priority Inversion:  Thread A Priority 1 Priority 2 Thread C Thread B Thread A Thread B Windows CE 2.x M[A,B] M[B,C] Mutex Thread A Priority Inversion Solid Foundation :  Solid Foundation Remote / Systems Manageability SNMP v2 Client, device management client Standards Support ECMA, Bluetooth, UPnP, USB, XML, SOAP Extensive Storage/File Systems TFAT, BinFS Core Server Support FTP/HTTP, RAS/PPTP Connect Securely Kerberos, PPTP, PEAP/EAP Innovative Solutions:  Innovative Solutions Scalable Wireless Technologies PAN, LAN, WAN, Bluetooth, 802.11, Media Sense .NET-enabled Device Services XML, SOAP, Passport, .NET Compact Framework Rich Multimedia and Browsing Technologies WM 9 series, DirectX8, IE 6 Easiest Windows Integration WM9 Series codecs, IE 6, Windows Messenger View Common Microsoft Office Files Excel, Word, PPT, Image, PDF Innovative Solutions:  Innovative Solutions Real-Time IP Communications SIP, RTC Terminal Services RDP 5.1, audio redirection Extensive Multi-Language Support 12 languages, font compression Adaptive Configurable User Interface Dynamic rotation multi-monitor, skinnable controls Extensive Device Drivers UPnP, 1394, ATA/IDE Windows CE Tools:  Windows CE Tools Operating System Development Platform Builder Configuration and debugging tool for deploying an operating system Application Development eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 SP4 “Native” application development C, C++, MFC, ATL Visual Studio.NET and Smart Device Programmability (SDP) “Managed” application development Visual Basic .NET, C# .NET .NET Compact Framework Slide21:  Platform Builder Configuration Build Download Debug BSP (OAL, BootLoader, Drivers) Export SDK Embedded Visual C++ Visual Studio .NET Standard SDK Platform Builder Demo:  Platform Builder Demo What’s New in Windows CE 5.0 Technology:  What’s New in Windows CE 5.0 Technology Greater Productivity PQD/PQOAL effort, unified build Testing and Servicing Windows Error Reporting, CETK enhancements Advanced Multimedia D3D Mobile, FastStart, GDI, performance enhancements Enhanced Security Threat modeling, default security, AES Broad Source Access and Design Flexibility 25% more source, commercial derivatives Tools Platform Builder :  Tools Platform Builder Integrated Development Environment Unified build system Compiler Link time code generation Buffer security check - run-time protection of buffer overruns General performance enhancements Debugger Windows Error Reporting eXDI2 - single debugger to assist in debugging hardware Break point improvements Profiling Tools Emulator performance, security, and debugging updates Core Operating System Kernel, Storage and File System:  Core Operating System Kernel, Storage and File System Shared heap memory Improves performance on inter-process retrieval data Watchdog timer Allows applications to set a timer in the OS to recover from hung apps 64 system interrupts Kernel supports 64 system interrupts (SYSINTRs) Power down thread Kernel handles powering down hardware in a thread with highest priority Embedded database (EDB) Based on SQL Server CE 3.0 with advanced database functionality ATAPI enhancements Core Operating System Device Drivers:  Core Operating System Device Drivers Production quality drivers Over 50 PQD drivers in the box in addition to sample drivers USB 2.0 host and function HID, Mass storage, Printer, RNDIS, SmartCard SDIO host Client driver interface compatible with SDIO Now! New model for PC card Fully supports 16 and 32-bit PC cards, Cardbus and Installable ISRs Device manager New design for bus drivers supporting removable media File system driver manager Can now flush and lock file systems individually Core Operating System Board Support Packages:  Core Operating System Board Support Packages Production quality OAL support Designed to minimize modifications made by the OEM and reduce overall development time BSP test suite Automated testing that replaces previous manual process New and updated BSP support for most popular hardware See next slide Windows CE BSP:  Windows CE BSP Intel Assabet and Lubbock (use Mainstone II) ARM Integrator (use Samsung SMDK2410) SH3 Keywest (deprecated) BSPs NO LONGER SUPPORTED Core Operating System Browser:  Core Operating System Browser Blocking pop-up windows Disables RPC support for IE Requirement for some websites to render properly Platform for privacy preferences (P3P) IE will now be able to display sites with a P3P policy Support theming for IE controls IE intrinsic controls can be displayed using skins Filters and transitions Improved user experience and presentation of web content IE 6.0 sample Auto complete URL, Status bar, Internet Settings Control Panel TV lens support Fixed width layout Core Operating System Multimedia:  Core Operating System Multimedia Direct3D Mobile COM-based D3D programming model built on DirectX 8 Graphics Device Interface (GDI) Faster graphics and text rendering, alpha blending Display drivers (Intel Marathon, Silicon Motion Cougar, ATI Rage XL, Single Flat driver) Test kit and benchmarking tools for driver optimization Fast Start Decreases playback start time Still image support Single library to support still image codecs (JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP and ICO) Updating Windows Media codecs to support: WMA Pro, WMA Lossless , WMV Advanced Profile (Broadcast) Codecs: MPEG-1, WMV/MPEG-4, WMA, MP3 – WAVE parser… Cryptography New Features :  Cryptography New Features Cryptography API New algorithms added Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) – 128-bit SHA-2 support for S/MIME (secure MIME / e-mail format) Apply for FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Certification (US Government) Algorithms we are getting certified for: RSA, AES, DES, 3DES, SHA-1, HMAC, SHA-2 Benefits Improved verification infrastructure Stronger encryption and device side security Hardware Design Center :  Hardware Design Center Board Support Packages Overview Learn about what a BSP is and how you can use it to rapidly bring up an operating system on a standard development board (SDB) and evaluate its features. Device Driver Overview Find out about implementing device drivers that support your own hardware without additional support from Microsoft. Hardware-Assisted Debug Overview Discover how you can use hardware-assisted debugging to control, examine, and modify your Windows CE device. Hardware Compatibility List Find which hardware peripherals are compatible with the Microsoft Windows CE operating system. Supported Board Support Packages Search this list of BSPs and Microsoft-certified BSPs that are included in Windows CE 3.0 and Windows CE and download. Supported Device Drivers Find a list of drivers that are included in Windows CE, as well as those that are Microsoft certified and available for download. Supported Processors This list provides details of processors currently supported for use with Windows CE. Enables customers to get to market more quickly by providing a one-stop destination to quickly find information on supported and certified processors, Board Support Packages (BSPs) and drivers Shared Source:  Shared Source Shared Source Program Overview:  Shared Source Program Overview Exporting :  Exporting Can export any existing BSP, driver, or User Project Can not export MS features CEC file determines the way it is displayed in the catalog CEC file contains the link to User Projects Export Wizard creates an MSI with additional information and EULA (if desired) Mobile and Embedded Roadmap:  Today 2005+ Mobile and Embedded Roadmap Windows Mobile 5.0 Next Version of Windows CE codename „Yamazaki“ Windows CE Licensing:  Windows CE Licensing Run-time License Options Windows CE 5.0:  Run-time License Options Windows CE 5.0 Licensing End of Life (EOL) Policy:  Licensing End of Life (EOL) Policy END OF LIFE POLICY: Toolkits: EOL when “mainstream” support ends Run-times: EOL when “extended” support ends IMPORTANT INFORMATION: * Windows CE 2.11, 2.12, and 3.0 are grandfathered out of the support policy; therefore run-times sales for those products will end on the dates listed above in conjunction with their support expiration dates * We are still determining the details of the one-time buyout we will offer direct and channel partners. This will be solidified and communicated by the end of Q1 FY05. Resources:  Resources More Windows Embedded Information Windows Embedded Partner Web Site Get the Windows Embedded Introductory Kit Technical information for application development Show off your device with the Device Showcase Program E-mail: devices @ Slide42:  © 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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