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Information about Wimax Forum Eua WiMax Oportunities In Brasil Sergio Cabral IdeaValley

Published on July 3, 2009

Author: IdeaValley

Source: slideshare.net


This is a Presentation by Sergio Cabral from IdeaValley about next oportunities in Diital Inclusion for WIMAX technology realized in the WiMax Forum from WireLess Communication Association in Washington - EUA.

www.TAHO.com.br WIMAX Opportunities in Brasil

WireLess BroadBand Access For Underserved Areas in Brazil Sergio Cabral – IdeaValley & TAHO Founder & WCA Board Member Washington June, 2004

www.TAHO.com.br WIMAX Opportunities in Brazil Deep Digital Immersion UnderServed Communities SuperServed Communities

Agenda www.TAHO.com.br   About Brazil and WireLess   An Impossible Mission? IMPLEMENTING DEEP DIGITAL IMMERSION   Why it is a good time now   Conclusion

About Brazil www.TAHO.com.br BRAZIL: 175 MM population 25 MM Internet Users 1.4 MM BB Users (Q1 2004) 100 k WireLess Users Free Spectrum A sophisticated user: Brazilians spend more time online that Americans (13 hours and 43 mn in Brazil, 13 hours and 21 mn in the US)

About TAHO www.TAHO.com.br TAHO   Top 3 WireLess Operator in Brazil   20k 2.4 FHSS Internet Users   Focus on Underserved and Emergent Markets ( Communities < 300k populations )   Supporting Complete Supply Chain Strategy for Partners and Customers   Supporting Brazil Govs initiative to reduce Digital Divide   Promoting Competition, acting as Carrier of Carrier   Working from Slums ( Favelas ) to Large Companies

www.TAHO.com.br The Challenges of BroadBand WireLess in Brazil

www.TAHO.com.br Challenges for BroadBand   Zero Infrastructure   Old Infrastructure   New Infrastructure   High Cost of Backbone   High Cost of CPE   Time to Market   Law of Demand / Offers / Capital   Content Transition Phase   Intellectual Property   Technology Transition Phase   Habit Convergence Consolidation

www.TAHO.com.br TAHO experience with these Challenges and Opportunities

TAHO Mission www.TAHO.com.br  TAHO First Mission is to bring Access to Underserved People in Brasil   TAHO started by selecting a strong technology and applied it to Slums ( Favelas ) like Rocinha ( largest in Latin America ) and others.   In the second phase, TAHO brought this technology to Underserved Communities, like Petropolis , the Imperial City of Americas (near Rio de Janeiro) , and to large Companies.   Today, TAHO is scaling a new model with complementary technology and business model with the vision to provide DEEP DIGITAL IMMERSSION to the Society in Brazil

www.TAHO.com.br This experience in TAHO showed that there are 4 types of Human usage of Internet Access

Humans Skill of Internet Access Usage www.TAHO.com.br   ALFA   BETA   THETA   DELTA POP Access Bubles Access Petals Micro POP - PAN MicroBackBone RF-SS PicoBackBone NanoBackBone Self BackBone Actual Fixed WireLess Net WiFi-WiMax WiFi-WiMax-Others WiFi-WiMax-PLC Total Redundance Roamming HandOff Roamming Predicction Alfa Expansion Beta Expansion A-B-T Convergence Customers Happy FixedMESH Next Increase BandWidth Increase of Avaiabilitie Increase of Integration DO IT YOURSELF MicroBackBone Laser Increase of Coverage Acesso Rede Elétrica Increase of Productivitie Step Solucoes S/ L/ Visada

Techno-Human Structure Alfa-Beta-Theta People www.TAHO.com.br WPOP MicroPop Regional HeadQuarter MicroCelula Apoio Bolha1 Bolha2

www.TAHO.com.br TAHO Strategy for Deep Digital Immersion

TAHO Strategy for www.TAHO.com.br Deep Digital Immersion   Select Robust Technology   Focus on UnderServed Market   Develop a Start-Up Plan   Do Fund Raising to Implement the Vision   Implement the Vision   Select Complementary Technology   Focus on SuperServed Market   Develop a Operational Plan   Open Opportunities to Social-Investor and Capitalist- Investors   Implement the Vision

TAHO Strategy for Deep Digital Immersion www.TAHO.com.br   Proximity of two communities   Social gap   Urban violence

TAHO Strategy for Deep Digital Immersion www.TAHO.com.br

How to Scale ??? www.TAHO.com.br

Tunneling the Social Gap www.TAHO.com.br   Thechallenge for emerging countries is to accelerate the economy in a sustainable way;   Acondition for that is to minimize the gap between social structures;   Providing internet services will reduce the gap between communities.

www.TAHO.com.br TUNELING THE SOCIAL GAP A CASE STUDY TAHO Cyber Cafés in the favelas (with support of the ONG VivaRio)


www.TAHO.com.br The convergence of habits or social convergence is faster than technological convergence

Rocinha Favela Result: since 2001, 27,000 DIGITAL RE-INCLUSIONS www.TAHO.com.br

Favela Result: since 2001, 27,000 DIGITAL RE-INCLUSIONS www.TAHO.com.br

Results www.TAHO.com.br   Direct results - community of Rocinha – From the World Economic Forum (2003)   > 100.000 Home pages visited / month;   27.000 Clients from 2001;   2/5 of clients are less than 18 years;   Of these, 1/3 less than 11 years;   Service 24 x 7;   Service cost: 1 Real / hour;   Management and maintenance assumed by the favela;   ZERO depredation;   Technology Validation.   Indirect results   Re-use of the technology in others projects (CVRD, Petrobras, Banks);   Worldwide recognition;   Good press acceptance;   Social acceptance;   Technology model is scalable and robust;   Social Convergence;   Discovery of new Opportunities.

www.TAHO.com.br TUNELING THE SOCIAL GAP Scalability, Sustainability Principles of the Business Model

Business Models The Principle www.TAHO.com.br   Two key words: Sustainability and Scalability   SuperServed communities: Full fledge commercial operations. Project will pay for 100% of the infrastructure.   UnderServed communities will benefit for a ‘free’ infrastructure, and will use a ‘marginal cost’ model, with positive operating cash flows; Nike strategy ‘Just do it’. Self-sustainable. TAHO experience is that the deployment is best done when the community is in charge of it.   Clear advantage of wireless NLOS: permit a re-use of infrastructure (towers, backbone, etc.).

Two Business Models   PPP – Public Private PartnerShips www.TAHO.com.br   Large scales to reduce costs   Example 1: WISPs as Carriers of Carriers   Example 2: Wireless Network for the city of Pirai in Rio de Janeiro   All public buildings (hospitals, offices, schools) are connected using wireless technology   TAHO donated the equipments and used government-owned infrastructure   TAHO has the right to re-use the signal for for-profit commercial operations   This project received an award at the World-Wide information society convention in Geneva ( December 2003)   SPP – Social, Profitable Partnerships   Profitable Markets with Value Added Service   Example   IMOBIA Laws imply that the trend is in the growing Delta Behavior   IBANK

Example: IBank, A Strong Opportunity in www.TAHO.com.br Brazil for WIMAX

www.TAHO.com.br All Employees and Partners from TAHO are committed to dedicate 5% of their time to DIGITAL RE-INCLUSION



Conclusion www.TAHO.com.br The social approach will accelerate the development of technologies and markets. WIMAX can be a strong tool in this Impossible Mission - The Deep Digital Immersion Sergio Cabral, Laurent Gil, LC Abad - WCA 2004 Sergio @ TAHO.COM.BR Laurent @ TAHO.COM.BR Abad @ TAHO.COM.BR Please visit and Join TAHO initiative: www.ideavalley.com.br www.ideacapital.com.br www.TAHO.com.br www.vivafavela.com.br www.endeavor.org www.wcai.com

www.TAHO.com.br Thank you www.IdeaValley.com.br

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