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Published on October 16, 2007

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Women In Medicine:  Women In Medicine Compiled by Mariana Salas-Vega, Edited Reviewed by Kendra Frazier, Veronica Wilson and Kathleen Hecksel AMSA Women in Medicine 2005 Who was the first woman in the US to graduate with an M.D. degree?:  Who was the first woman in the US to graduate with an M.D. degree? Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell:  Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell Graduated from New York’s Geneva Medical college in 1849 1st woman in America with MD degree New York Infirmary in 1857–offering internships to women physicians Published “Medicine as a Profession for Women” (1860) and “Address on the Medical Education of Women” (1864) Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell:  Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell Her future classmates were approached by the faculty, who asked them to decide for themselves if a woman should be accepted into their class. Her classmates had an anonymous vote to allow a woman into the class. They found out later that the decision had been relegated to them in the hopes of proving that a woman could not be accepted. Soon after the class’ decision, Ms. Elizabeth Blackwell arrived to her first class at Geneva Medical School. Dr. Mary Amanda Dixon Jones:  Dr. Mary Amanda Dixon Jones World renowned female gynecological surgeon. 1st person in America to propose and perform a full hysterectomy for the treatment of Uterine Myoma Trained with Mary Putnam Jacobi in NY. Who was the first woman to complete a hospital internship?:  Who was the first woman to complete a hospital internship? Dr. Sarah Read Adamson Dolley:  Dr. Sarah Read Adamson Dolley 1st woman to complete a hospital internship Founder of one of the first general women’s medical societies: Practitioner’s Society of Rochester, NY, which established the Provident Dispensary for Women and Children (outpatient clinic for the working poor). 1st president of the Women’s Medical Society of NewYork State Who was the first African American woman to graduate with an M.D. degree in the United States?:  Who was the first African American woman to graduate with an M.D. degree in the United States? Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler:  Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler 1st African American woman to earn an M.D. degree in the United States in 1864 from New England Female Medical College Published book with medical advice for women and children in 1883 Dr. Rebecca J. Cole:  Dr. Rebecca J. Cole 2nd African American woman to receive the M.D. degree in the US in 1867 from the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania; Dr. Ann Preston was the first Dean of the school Worked at Elizabeth Blackwell’s New York Infirmary for Women and Children Dr. Eliza Ann Grier:  Dr. Eliza Ann Grier 1st African-American woman to be licensed to practice medicine in Georgia An emancipated slave, to pay for her medical education she alternated every year of her studies with a year of picking cotton, graduating in 7 years. Dr. Dorothy Lavinia Brown:  Dr. Dorothy Lavinia Brown 1st African-American woman surgeon in the South as of 1948 1st single woman in Tennessee to be granted the right to become an adoptive parent 1st African-American woman to serve for the Tennessee state legislature Dr. Janice Green Douglas:  Dr. Janice Green Douglas 1st woman promoted to the rank of Professor of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University Medical School in 1984, 150 years after the school was established She had been denied admission to the school in 1963 for unclear reasons Dr. Georgia Rooks Dwelle:  Dr. Georgia Rooks Dwelle 1st Spelman College graduate to attend medical school (1900) Founded the 1st Obstetrical “Lying-In” Hospital for African-American women in Atlanta in 1920 Founded the 1st venereal disease clinic for African-Americans in Georgia in 1935 Established the 1st “Mother’s Club” for African-American women in Georgia in 1935 Dr. Helen Octavia Dickens:  Dr. Helen Octavia Dickens 1st African-American woman in the American College of Surgeons in 1950 Sat at the front of the class to be less distracted by racist gestures made by classmates Became Associate Dean of the Office of Minority Affairs at the Univ. of Pennsylvania in 1969 Dr. Audrey Forbes Manley:  Dr. Audrey Forbes Manley 1st African-American woman appointed Chief Resident at Cook County Children’s Hospital in Chicago in 1962 1st African-American woman appointed Assistant Surgeon General in 1988 Became President of Spelman College in Atlanta in 1997 Who was the first Native American woman to receive an M.D. degree in the United States?:  Who was the first Native American woman to receive an M.D. degree in the United States? Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte:  Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte 1st Native American woman in the US to receive M.D. degree, of the Omaha nation Served over 1,300 people over 450 square miles, providing counseling as well as health care Rode on horseback from reservation to reservation to visit her patients 1st person to receive federal aid to pursue a professional education Dr. Mary Hasbah Roessel:  Dr. Mary Hasbah Roessel 1st person in her Navajo community to attend Medical School and earn an M.D. degree in 1987 1st woman Navajo psychiatrist to provide Indian Health Service clinical care in New Mexico. Who was the 16th US Surgeon General, the 1st African-American and 2nd woman to hold that position?:  Who was the 16th US Surgeon General, the 1st African-American and 2nd woman to hold that position? Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders:  Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders First board certified Pediatric Endocrinologist in Arkansas 16th Surgeon General of the US (1993), 1st African-American and 2nd woman to head US Public Health Service "We must give our children reason to hope. We must give them reason to believe that life can be rich-- that the American dream is not equal opportunity for some and hopelessness for others." - Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders,1993 Dr. Marilyn Hughes Gaston:  Dr. Marilyn Hughes Gaston Led a 1986 study on Sickle-Cell disease which resulted in a nationwide screening program for newborns First African American woman to direct a public health service bureau (Bureau of Primary Health Care) Name women who designed or were involved in new medical procedures?:  Name women who designed or were involved in new medical procedures? Dr. Virginia Apgar:  Dr. Virginia Apgar First woman appointed Full Professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Designed the Apgar Score, still used to assess newborn health status at birth Dr. Helen Brooke Taussig:  Dr. Helen Brooke Taussig Worked with Dr. Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas for the development of surgical treatment for “blue baby” syndrome Testified about birth defect side effects of thalidomide to FDA Dr. Florence Rena Sabin:  Dr. Florence Rena Sabin One of the 1st women doctors to pursue career as a Research Scientist 1st woman faculty at Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine Proved that Lymphatic System developed from veins and grew out into tissues (not the reverse as previously thought) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross:  Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Pioneered the concept of providing psychological counseling to the dying and published On Death and Dying in 1969 Who was the first woman from the United States to receive the Nobel Peace prize?:  Who was the first woman from the United States to receive the Nobel Peace prize? Dr. Gerty Theresa Radnitz Cori:  Dr. Gerty Theresa Radnitz Cori Received the Nobel Prize in science (for the discovery of the catalytic conversion of glycogen) with her husband, Dr. Carl Cori, making her only the 3rd woman to ever win the Nobel Prize and the 1st in America Who was the first African American woman to be appointed Dean of a Medical School in the United States?:  Who was the first African American woman to be appointed Dean of a Medical School in the United States? Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee:  Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee First African-American woman appointed Dean of a US Medical School Dr. Edith Irby Jones:  Dr. Edith Irby Jones Became the 1st African-American student to attend racially mixed classes in the South in 1948 First African-American student to enroll in the Univ. of Arkansas School of Medicine Dr. Joan Y. Reede:  Dr. Joan Y. Reede 1st Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership of Harvard Medical School in 2001 The 1st African American woman to have that rank and one of the few to hold a deanship at a US Medical School Who was the first woman and Hispanic to be appointed US Surgeon General?:  Who was the first woman and Hispanic to be appointed US Surgeon General? Dr. Antonia Novello:  Dr. Antonia Novello 1st woman and 1st Hispanic appointed Surgeon General of the US by President G. Bush in 1990 Spent approx. 20 yrs at NIH, drafting national legislation on Organ Transplantation “Service is the rent you pay for living, and that service is what sets you apart” –Dr. Novello. Who was the first woman to Head the NIH?:  Who was the first woman to Head the NIH? Dr. Bernadine Healy:  Dr. Bernadine Healy 1st woman to head the NIH Dr. Frances K. Conley:  Dr. Frances K. Conley 1st woman to enter Surgical Internship at Stanford University Hospital in 1966 1st Tenured Full Professor of Neurosurgery at a Medical School in the US in 1986 Brought public attention in 1991 to the sexist environment which she encountered at her workplace Dr. Natalia M. Tanner:  Dr. Natalia M. Tanner 1st African-American accepted into Univ. of Chicago’s Residency Program in 1946 1st African-American Board Certified Pediatrician in Detroit, Michigan in 1951 1st African-American Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics 1st African-American staff of Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit 1st African-American and woman to serve as President of the Michigan Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics in 1983 Dr. Natalia M. Tanner …:  Dr. Natalia M. Tanner … …Applied for membership to the Detroit Pediatric Society, whose meetings she diligently attended, but no action was taken on her application. After 9 months, she was informed that her application had been misplaced, and she insisted on her right to re-apply. After being ignored throughout one particular chapter meeting, she stood up and challenged the members to recognize her. When the chairman began to introduce her as an applicant, she declared, "No, I am not an applicant. I am a full fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and I am a transfer member from the Illinois Chapter." In 1983, she became the 1st African American and 1st woman to serve as President of the Michigan Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. 2003-2004 Statistics:  2003-2004 Statistics 21% Male Full Professors (22,667) vs. 3% Female Full Professors (3,683) 16% Male Associate Professors (17,423) vs. 6% Female Associate Professors (6,074) 26% Male Assistant Professors (27,896) vs. 15% Female Assistant Professors (16,152) Top Residencies for women (from 22% to 12.2%) are Internal Med., Pediatrics, and Family Lowest Residencies for women (from 0.1% to 0%) are Colon &Rectal surgery, Pediatric urology, Surgery and Orthopedic subspecialties, Medical Genetics, Nuclear medicine, and Family/Internal/Dermatology subspecialties Average support for funded women in medicine programs in US medical schools is $21,050 Who’s your favorite woman in medicine?:  Who’s your favorite woman in medicine? References:  References AAMC’s Women in Medicine webpage: http://www.aamc.org/members/wim/start.htm “Changing the Face of Medicine” NIH’s National Library of Medicine records http://www.nlm.nih.gov/changingthefaceofmedicine/ The History Makers http://www.thehistorymakers.com/biography/biography.asp?bioindex=164&category=medicalMakers The American West http://www.americanwest.com/pages/picotte.htm Aetna Foundation website calendar http://www.aetna.com/foundation/aahcalendar/1993elders.html About.com’s Inventors library http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/ Inventor’s Assistance League, Inc. http://www.inventions.org/culture/science/women/taussig.html Denver Official webpage http://www.denvergov.org/AboutDenver/history_char_sabin.asp The Academy of Achievement Museum of Living History website http://www.achievement.org/autodoc/page/nov0bio-1

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