Will You Be A Good Employers For A New Hire Virtual Assistant?

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Information about Will You Be A Good Employers For A New Hire Virtual Assistant?

Published on May 23, 2018

Author: James23Nakamura

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1: New Hire Virtual Assistant? Will You Be A Good Employers For A We’ve talked about what your business requires, and what you require. But what about what your VA requires? If you’ve never employed someone before it can be daunting — it’s a skill in itself, and it has to be learned and developed. Slide2: Will You Be a Good Employer? If you’ve never employed someone before it can be daunting — it’s a skill in itself, and it has to be learned and developed . Be a good communicator : Share any correspondence that may affect her, or articles that may impact the work she’s doing for you . Reply promptly to emails, in particular to requests for clarification or further information. You cannot expect a VA to perform optimally without it . Slide3: Make your VA tasks interesting : There are some tasks that your business requires and are simply tedious.  Make sure your VA understands how the tasks she does Where possible, fit tasks to your VA’s interests. Where not, vary the tasks you expect her to complete so she has some variety. The more enjoyable work is, the longer you will retain a good VA . Slide4: Be clear about tasks : Your VA is not a mind reader. She knows little about your business, nor about your standards. She will need to know not just  what  to do, but  how  you want it done.  When you choose which tasks your VA will carry out, document  exactly  what you want done, step by step. Not only will it help this VA; if you have to replace her, the information is already there for the next person you employ . Put that information together as a training manual, or think about doing it differently Slide5: Be prepared to spend time training : You wouldn’t expect a new member of staff in a successful bricks and mortar business to be given a written guide and left to her own devices. An online business is no different Answer any questions promptly and professionally. Time spent at the start of the relationship will pay long-term dividends . Arrange time to go through the written information with your VA. Don’t simply send it by email and expect her to read, digest and do . Slide6: Make your VA feel her work is valued : Everyone needs to know their work is valued, and a VA is no different . Thank your VA for each piece of work she completes, no matter how small . Give feedback on work. Make sure you always begin with positive comments, even if you have to point out required improvements . If you have to give critical feedback, be specific. Don’t question skills or professionalism — comment on the piece of work and be clear about what’s wrong . Slide7: Make your VA know she is a valued member of your team : If she is to represent your company — whether that’s responding to Facebook comments or representing you at a trade show — she needs to feel positive about you and your business . Pay your VA a reasonable rate, and pay her on time . Contact her at pre-arranged times unless there’s an emergency. Don’t feel you can invade her life whenever the mood takes you Consider paying a bonus for exceptional work. Some cultures, for example in the Philippines, are traditionally paid a bonus at Christmas. Be sure you understand the culture and expectations of the VA you’re about to employ . Slide8: FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT US www.pinoyforhire.com

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