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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: vrosetetenorio

Source: slideshare.net

Professor Virginia Edith Rosete Tenorio Universidad Tecnológica de Cancún

We use ‘will’ to make predictions about the future, with some degree of uncertainty. ‘Will’ is not used to talk about plans. For example, a 3-year old boy wants to be a firefighter. We can predict:

He will be a firefighter. 3

We also use ‘will’ to volunteer or express willingness (that you want to do something). For example, the room is very cold and you have the remote for the AC. You could say:

I will turn off the AC.

They will be happy forever. 7

All the students will finish university with good grades.

She will help him to stand up.

STRUCTURE I He She It You We They will base form

CONTRACTIONS I’ll He’ll She’ll It’ll You’ll We’ll They’ll base form

NEGATIVE I He She It You We They will not + base form

CONTRACTIONS I He She It You We They Won’t + base form

I will not fall in love again. 14 I won’t fall in love again.

YES/NO QUESTIONS Will I He She It You We They base form

Will they have many children? 16

Will there be many hurricanes this year?

INFORMATION QUESTIONS Where Who When Why What How Will I He She It You We They + base form

When will your family visit you? 19

What will you do when you grow old?

ACTIVITY Write seven predictions about your life, at least three should be negative.

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