Why Your Non-Profit Needs Millennials

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Information about Why Your Non-Profit Needs Millennials

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: felbates

Source: slideshare.net


Volunteers, Board Members, & Donors Alike - Learn How You Can Engage & Benefit From the Millennial Generation!

Did you know that 75% of Millennials gave money to charities in 2011? What about the fact that in 2013 52% of Millennaials said they would like to give donations monthly?

You will learn all about what drives the Millennial Generation to volunteer, donate, and work in the NPO industry. You'll find out how they prefer to give online, how they act in the moment, and how they utilize social media and mobile apps!
Non-profits need Millennials! Learn how to bring them on board so that they can fight for your cause and expand your donor base. They will help organizations level up their marketing and technology usage.

Join Felicia Bates as she takes an in depth look at the Millennial Generation and how they can make a positive impact on your organization. Her unique view stems from being a Millennial herself along with her experience as a web designer for non-profits.

Why Your Non-Profit Needs Millennials Felicia Bates @felbates feliciaannbates@gmail.com Photoby:Tendenci

Demographics 18-34 92 million 9/11 information age social media movement

What The Media Says Lazy Selfish Coddled Misunderstood

What We Say We care about education, poverty, and environmental change Photoby:HansGerhardMeier

“We prefer building our own system, on our own terms, and we enthusiastically bring along others who share our vision and can help.” -Cause For Change

Donations 83% donated in 2012 70% donate online 47% donate via crowdfunding Photoby:SolarMapProject


$300 billion 16% unemployed $42K at age 30 Photoby:DanielBorman

Volunteering Photoby:MovingMountainsTrust

Biggest difference Use skillset Micro-volunteering 57% volunteered 81% learn via friends and family Peer influence Photoby:VAStateParksStaff

Top 3 things you will need to engage with Millennials…

A Website

Social Media Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter 150 Followers Content is King

Email Newsletters

We are the future… Photoby:RobbieShade

“We are starting to tear down the formal structures of process in an effort to design, craft, and create an environment that will yield even greater impact in the community.” -Cause For Change


Photo by:Martica


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