Why you shouldn't wait to treat a cavity?

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Information about Why you shouldn't wait to treat a cavity?

Published on September 27, 2016

Author: thedentalhub

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1. Why You Shouldn't Wait to Treat a Cavity? It is very necessary to have a good oral health. If we don’t follow good oral hygiene then it is likely to get cavities in your teeth and it will increase as the time passes. The dentists in Gurgaon advise to treat the cavities on time and immediately so that there is no long-term damage to the teeth and help to maintain a beautiful smile. Cavities if left untreated can cause decay A cavity is a small hole that develops on the tooth when it just begins to get decay. Improper brushing can cause plaque and this plaque sticks to the teeth. The bacterium produces acid and causes cavities. If the cavities are not treated on time then it can cause permanent damage to the tooth or tooth loss. Many people live with untreated cavities. But it is high time people should understand that cavity is an infection that requires prompt treatment. They get worse with time and will keep on growing if not treated with a filling. To understand the damage a cavity can do to your teeth, below is the tooth anatomy that can make you understand that in deep. A tooth contains three parts: 1. The outer most layer of the tooth is hard and protective that is called enamel. This provides defence against cavity causing bacteria. 2. The centre layer is called as dentin. 3. The inner most layer are called pulp that contains the blood vessels and nerves. If the treatment is delayed then the bacteria will go from the enamel to dentin and thus the pulp thus cause pulpitis or inflammation of the pulp. If this is treated with filling on time then it gets recovered and if not treated then it can cause serious damage to the tooth. There might be a need of root canal treatment or tooth extraction. The ideal option is to prevent cavities before they even occur. At The Dental Hub, which is a renowned dental clinic in Gurgaon we focus on your overall oral health. Your health and comfort are our priority. We are your partners in helping you maintain a cavity-free, beautiful smile! Source: http://www.thedentalhub.in/shouldnt-wait-treat-cavity/

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