Why You Should Choose Invisalign Treatment?

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Information about Why You Should Choose Invisalign Treatment?

Published on October 30, 2020

Author: villagedentalfl

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slide 1: WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE slide 2: It can be removed at any time which makes it easier to maintain your oral health. Even you can prevent plaque and bacteria from depositing by regular brushing. GOOD ORAL HEALTH slide 3: Traditional braces can even tear off the surface of the mouth or cause sores in the mouth. On other hand invisalign will not cause any damages or discomfort. COMFORTABLE slide 4: You might experience joint pain clicking popping or discomfort while chewing. With invisalign you can correct your misalignments like overbite or underbite. BETTER JAW POSITION slide 5: There are certain foods you should abstain while wearing other braces like sticky crunchy and hard foods. With aligners you can eat all of your favorite foods. NO FOODS LIMITS slide 6: Besides appearance clear aligners make significantly comfortable than other braces option because it is made up of acrylic which fits on your teeth smoothly. NO BRACKETS OR WIRES slide 7: Contact Village Square Dental slide 8: ADDRESS 1601 N Hiatus Rd Pembroke Pines FL 33026. PHONE NUMBER 954.432.8100 EMAIL ID infovillage.dentist slide 9: Thank You

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