Why You Should Attend Boxing Classes Melbourne

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Information about Why You Should Attend Boxing Classes Melbourne

Published on August 17, 2018

Author: TributeBoxing

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Slide 1: Melbourne is known for its clean air, lovely beaches and beautiful scenery, all anyone would want when they consider a day out in the city. The world of exercising and sport is firmly established in Melbourne with several gyms, activity centers and sporting grounds available. Why You Should Attend Boxing Classes Melbourne? www.tributeboxing.com.au Slide 2: Services provided by Benefits of Boxing Training Personal Training Richmond Functional Group Training Melbourne Group Personal Training Richmond Group Training Abbotsford Group Training Richmond www.tributeboxing.com.au Slide 3: Boxing is a self-defense sport that traces its roots back to the era of the ancient Greeks. It was performed as an entertainment sport where competitors at times fought to the death. The sport was so popular that it featured for the first time in the Olympics in 688 BC. History of Boxing Training www.tributeboxing.com.au Slide 4: Total Body Strength An average punching bag weighs more than 100 pounds and therefore the energy required to kick, punch and body slam the bag continuously for long periods of time is tremendous. These exercises build strength in your core, arms, legs and upper body and may require a substantial amount of strength training prior to commencement. Warm up with pushups, squats, weighted exercises and planks before undertaking boxing exercises. www.tributeboxing.com.au Slide 5: Phone Number 451552562 Abbotsford Victoria, Australia @tributeboxinggym@gmail.com You can Mail or Call us on given below www.tributeboxing.com.au

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