WHY WE SHOULD THINK OF NEW IDEAS? Make the World a better place to Live

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Information about WHY WE SHOULD THINK OF NEW IDEAS? Make the World a better place to Live

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: doctortvrao

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SHOULD THINK OF NEW IDEAS? Make the World a better place to Live

WHY WE SHOULD THINK OF NEW IDEAS? Make the World a better place to Live Dr.T.V.Rao MDEvery one’s life is designed by self and the circumstances around us, many complete the life without much passion, however inner passion guides many means to be different and makes them to survive to the external challenges, I have taken many disadvantages to my help and tried to make many matters better for the society, Today’s challenges to our younger generation are many, never forget to be recognized we have to be updated with many issues not only the assigned work but the society around , as there many social conflicts which many of us face just try "We need to think differently!" "This needs some fresh ideas!" as we are using a refresher button on our computers “We have got to be more creative around here!" now many talented look for new ideas This is why we need to be on the lookout for new ideas that can drive innovation, and it's why the ability to think differently, generate new ideas, and spark creativity within a team it becomes an important skill. You need to work actively on building and cultivating the skills, and ifyou wish it can be done! –Today many claim to be talented and efficient with the communicated knowledge however the basic knowledge is highly essential to support our communicated knowledge. The great mishap with the internet everyone assumes they are all well equipped with knowledge, while these techniques are extremely effective, they will only succeed if they are backed by rich knowledge of the area you're working on. This means that if you are not prepared with adequate information about the issue, you are unlikely to come up with a great idea even by using many techniques. Everyone understands the problem in his own way Reword the problem: and relearn from the existing problemstating the problem differently often leads to different ideas. To reword the problem look at the issue from different angles. "Why do we need to solve the problem?", "What's the roadblock here?", "What will happen if we don't solve the problem?" what happens to by career and survival. These questions will give you new insights. You might come up with new ideas to solve your new problem. Sometimes our friends and many around us can understand

our problem better than us, Get someone else's perspective: Ask different people what they would do if faced with your challenge. You could approach friends engaged in different kind of work, your spouse, a teenage son, customers, suppliers, senior citizens, someone from a different culture; in essence anyone who might see things differently. When you are short of ideas never sit and brood on the matter just take a little break, it adds to the depression Nap, go for a walk, listen to music, play with your child, take a break from formal idea-generating. Your mind needs the rest, and will often come up with connections precisely when it isn't trying to make them. The ability to generate new ideas is an essential work skill today. You can acquire this skill by consciously practicing techniques that force your mind to forge new connections, break old thought patterns and consider new perspectives. Along with practicing these techniques, you need to adopt enabling strategies too. Speak - Similar to teaching a topic, delivering your wisdom by speaking to an audience enables you and forces you to research and come up with new ideas while interacting with your audience which often stimulates other ideas. Write - I find the process of writing the way for me to better learn what I do while sharing ideas with my readers and clients. It is the magic that takes the ideas and transforms them to become a reality. These enabling strategies help in creating a positive atmosphere that boosts creativity. Sometimes the new ideas are flash of miracles some of the best ideas seem to occur just by chance. You see something or you hear someone, often totally unconnected to the situation you are trying to resolve, and the penny drops in place. Newton and the apple. Every one’s life is full of ideas but it rarely strikes the matters unlike many great successful ones in life. Dream many ideas plan few and put all the best efforts, you have done it.Be Curios and observe - Opportunities are all around us; we just have to learn to pay better attention.Don't get in a rut. Force yourself to try new things. Experiment with new strategies and play with ideas imaginatively.Learn to know, take time to think; take time to read and learn may be simple messages. But do you do it? If not, take time for creative thinking; take time to read and learn. You can transform your world. Think of yourself as an "idea artist" or an "idea Creator." Make the world a Better place to live? (Revised article)

Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology. Free lance writer.

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