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Published on February 28, 2018

Author: diyconveyanc

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Why We Do Conveyancing: Why We Do Conveyancing Slide 2: Conveyancing meaning the action of preparing documents for the conveyance of property. And if your not aware of legal documents and how you have to work in home buying and selling process, you will need a conveyancer who will definitely charge higher amount. Slide 3: Where DIY Conveyancing Works Our Conveyancing kits are available for a property purchase , sale or both in following territories. Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia Slide 4: If you're new to Property business, sure you are not familiar with the term conveyancing and how it is proofing very useful for now a days. Slide 5: DIY Conveyancing not only guide you proper meaning of conveyancing but also offers the Conveyancing kit and how it Works DIY Conveyancing Kit Works Kit comes with printed book about the process, with: Background information Simple step by step instructions Additional hints and tips Slide 6: Do DIY Conveyancing Canberra Slide 7: We are not a solicitor/ conveyancer , nor do we give legal advice. We do give clarification and points of procedure  Slide 8: For more details view here http://www.diyconveyancingkits.com.au/about_us.aspx

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