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Published on April 13, 2008

Author: go4ittaz

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  1977 – 257,000 Agents 2003 – 177,000 Agents Average age of agent: 56 2003 – 29,000 recruits that year Only 39 of 2,000 companies recruited 89% of all new recruits quit in first 4 years The Life Industry Is Disintegrating Slide3:  70% of families have no life agent 52% of families do not own life insurance Consumer debt doubled in last 10 years to $10 Trillion Interest Rates are going up, so will mortgage payments Household Incomes rose 11%, but spending rose 30% Savings rate is now negative for the first time since 30’s Most people are looking to change careers The Perfect Storm Is Brewing…………. The Perfect Storm Slide4:  Only company dedicated to serving the middle class #1 Term Life Insurance in U.S., $750 Billion in force #3 Largest lender in U.S., dedicated to debt-freedom #1 Independent Mutual Fund Broker-Dealer Licensed 51% of all new agents in the life industry Increased $100,000 earners by 51%, $1 Million by 68% Paid $600 Million to sales force last 12 months Resulting Market Share: Less than 2% !! We have 125,000 licensed agents now. We need 1 Million. Goal: To pay $1.2 Billion to sales force by 2010 The Primerica Factor Slide5:  “Primerica’s success in creating millionaires is a matter of record. What’s more, Primerica can demonstrate that its millionaires and top achievers come overwhelmingly from the ranks of ordinary Americans.” House of Business, December 2000 Slide6:  “If I were getting involved in direct selling, I would go straight into financial services. Right now, there is a company that is in the business of helping people save money, buy insurance, and pay down their home early. This company is owned by one of the largest publicly traded financial services firms in the world. Because this company is in an industry that is directly aligned with my own core values and interests in training, I could start with them tomorrow and easily devote 40 hours a week to it.” Slide7:  “What Primerica does is unusual in the life industry, and probably unique. Primerica is the renegade, the black sheep, the company that dares to be different and succeeds. Perhaps the most significant of Primerica’s peculiarities is that it sells the old-fashioned way: over the kitchen table to middle income America, the part of the public that most life insurers can’t or no longer no how to reach. Primerica has little competition for several reasons. One is that term life insurance offers plenty of coverage, but relatively little in premiums compared with cash-value polices. Primerica’s average face amount is $270,000 compared with the industry average of $119,000.” Best’s Review January 2005 Slide8:  “After reviewing and analyzing thousands of business opportunities around the world one company that we found that meets all 15 of our criteria is Primerica Financial Services. For 25 years they have been a leader in providing business opportunities to motivated people, with low start-up costs ($200), low overhead expenses and stable, long term, high growth potential.” Slide9:  “In this issue, we are extremely proud to feature Primerica Financial Services, a company that is making the dream of independent business ownership a reality...” “…this company has grown into one of the giants of the financial services industry.” Success from Home, July 2005 Slide10:  1. Citigroup Slide11:  Regional Vice President You You 1) Helping Families 2) Sales Management 3) Business Ownership You Who do you know, who is stuck and wants something more? Earn money part-time or full time. Recruit and build to RVP Earn monthly bonuses team production. Average RVP earns $100,000 a year Earn monthly bonuses on all of your RVP’s …$50,000 yearly per RVP and more possible Your Team Your RVP You Your RVP Your RVP The Business System Slide12:  CANCUN, MEXICO FEBRUARY 2007

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