Why using a pop up banner is better than a magazine ad

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Published on June 13, 2016

Author: bannerstand

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1. Why Using a Pop Up Banner is Better than a Magazine Ad When a company puts together its yearly budgets, a large chunk of money often goes into Advertising and Marketing. Without these two areas, many businesses would not survive very long. So it is critical for them to put a lot of effort into getting their businesses, products or

2. services seen as much as possible. Using a banner stand or pop up banner is a much better way to do this than with other methods such as using magazine print ads.

3. Print ads in newspapers and magazines use to be the number one way for a business to showcase what they had to offer. It was easy to write up a few words maybe add in a picture or two and then send the ad off to the printer. An ad posted in a magazine would be seen by anyone purchasing that magazine, the same goes for using newspaper print ads as well. In the old days, they figured hundreds if not

4. thousands of people would see the ad and run out and buy the products. Today that has all changed. Printed newspapers and magazines are slowly going away due to the invention of the internet. You can now get a digital copy of what you want to read online. Just click a button and there you go. You can read what you want and even skip over the ads if you want. So ads that

5. were once forced on people to see can be skipped over. Using a pop up banner Santa clara to advertise is much easier than with a print ad. Depending on where you place it, it can be seen by hundred or even thousands of people in a day. Over time, that is a lot of traffic potential to your business. Using a custom banner often, can make it seem as though your product or service is new even though it

6. may be a few years old. A magazine is only as recent as its print date. So old magazines may be reread, but advertisements in them may be seen as old and disregarded. Placing a banner stand outside your business can give it a new life. The costs of a pop up banner versus that of a magazine ad is often much cheaper in the long run. A banner does not need to

7. renewed or updated as often as a print ad does. So you save money over time by not recreating another ad. A retractable banner stand can be used multiple times and never need to be renewed unless you have a major change in your business.

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