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Published on October 2, 2011

Author: Kudus

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Slide 1: UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST SCHOOL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES PBL SCENARIO: WHY THIS CHRONIC CONSTIPATION ? GROUP 200 E PRESENTED BY: PRESENTED BY MOHAMMED KUDUS MORO & FRANK SACKEY ADDAQUAYE GROUP MEMBERS: GROUP MEMBERS Mohammed Kudus Moro Frank Addaquay Edward Kyei-Achaempong Johnny Arthur Komeh Arhin Jeffrey Kodjo George Aidoo Oparebea Yaa Safori Jemima Yeboah Betty Nkansah Priscilla Baafi Facilitator: Mr. Kwabena Dankwa PROBLEM STATEMENTS: PROBLEM STATEMENTS Kofi Manu, a three year old boy with a history of not passing meconium at birth, presented with a chronic constipation. Examinations revealed that he is at the third centile for weight and has a distended abdomen with no palpable organs. His abdominal X-ray showed a narrowed distal colon with proximal dilation. OBJECTIVES: OBJECTIVES Anatomy, embryology and histology of the intestines. Digestion and absorption in the intestines. GIT motility and its neural control. Why the chronic constipation? The possible solutions available for Kofi Manu. ANATOMY OF THE INTESTINES: ANATOMY OF THE INTESTINES Small intestines Large intestines EMBRYOLOGY: EMBRYOLOGY HISTOLOGY: HISTOLOGY Small intestines Large intestines DIGESTION AND ABSORPTION IN THE INTESTINES: DIGESTION AND ABSORPTION IN THE INTESTINES Small intestine: Digestion Absorption Large intestines: Absorption GIT MOTILITY AND NEURAL CONTROL: GIT MOTILITY AND NEURAL CONTROL Regulation of motility of the colon Gastrocolic reflex Defecation reflex GIS is controlled by : autonomic NS, enteric NS Slide 11: Why the chronic constipation? Aganglionosis of the distal colon prevented normal GIT peristalsis. POSSIBLE REMEDY: POSSIBLE REMEDY Surgery: Proctocolectomy CONCLUSION: CONCLUSION References: References Bodian , M.; Carter, C. O. : A family study of Hirschsprung's disease. Ann. Hum. Genet. 26: 261-277, 1963. Boggs , J. D.; Kidd, J. M. : Congenital abnormalities of intestinal innervation : absence of innervation of jejunum, ileum and colon in siblings. Pediatrics 21: 261-266, 1958. Bolk Gabriel, S.; Salomon, R.; Pelet , A.; Angrist , M.; Amiel , J.; Fornage , M.; Attie-Bitach , T.; Olson, J. M.; Hofstra , R.; Buys, C.; Steffann , J.; Munnich , A.; Lyonnet , S.; Chakravarti , A. : Segregation at three loci explains familial and population risk in Hirschsprung disease. Nature Genet. 31: 89-93, 2002. Carter , C. O.; Evans, K.; Hickman, V. : Children of those treated surgically for Hirschsprung's disease. J. Med. Genet. 18: 87-90, 1981. Langman’s Medical Embryology– 9 th Edition Moore K.L. et|; Clinically Oriented Anatomy. Lippincott William and Wilkins , 2010. Slide 15: THANK YOU !!!

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