Why Study Your Undergraduate Degree Abroad?

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Information about Why Study Your Undergraduate Degree Abroad?

Published on June 9, 2016

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2. Why study an undergraduate degree abroad? UK students are increasingly considering going abroad to study a degree, particularly since the introduction of tuition fees. Studying abroad offers something different for everyone, and will undoubtedly influence your career path, world view and confidence. If you are undecided, take a look at these reasons why it may be a positive step:

3. Improved CV Employers look positively upon prospective candidates with international experience. In today’s competitive graduate employment market time spent abroad is a valuable addition to your CV.

4. Popular destinations not that more expensive • A degree from a UK institution can now cost up to £9,000 per year, while choosing to go abroad to places such as the US, Canada and Australia isn’t that much more expensive. • A recent HSBC survey shows that even taking the cost of flights into consideration, students would only pay £100 more each year to study in Canada.

5. Some degrees are cheaper abroad Some countries are actually more affordable study destinations than the UK. A degree taken in Germany would cost just over £4,200 per year, with France around £5,300. (However, bear in mind that there are no student loans available to UK students studying abroad, so the upfront cost is much higher.)

6. Learn a foreign language • Studying abroad is the ideal opportunity to learn a foreign language. Immersing yourself in the culture and surrounding yourself with native speakers will accelerate your vocabulary, fluency and retention. • You can also add colloquial words and phrases which may not be covered in UK textbooks!

7. More independence • You will rapidly become more independent. Being removed from your normal support network back home will force you to polish your own skills and toughen up. • From food shopping to learning to manage a new currency, you will learn new skills to take back home and put on your CV.

8. Adventure! • Adventure and exploration of the unknown is more likely to happen abroad. • You can take advantage of the numerous travel opportunities of the country, for example, the Outback in Australia and the Acropolis in Athens.

9. Friend and contacts • You will make new friends and rewarding relationships that may last a lifetime. • In addition, you may also form professional contacts. This can be ideal networking for your future career.

10. Take advantage of your youth As a student, you are probably young and unattached. Now may be the time to make the most of this opportunity before other commitments such as partners and children come along.

11. And finally... Regardless of the many reasons to study an undergraduate degree abroad, carefully consider the possible challenges and expense. Ask careers advisers, friends and family for advice, before you commit to a course. Check out forums and chat to people who’ve participated in similar programmes themselves. Whatever you decide to do, do your best and enjoy it!

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