Why Solar Panels Should Be Clean

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Information about Why Solar Panels Should Be Clean

Published on July 14, 2016

Author: jones_davidca

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Why Solar Panels Should Be Clean: Why Solar Panels Should Be Clean Slide 2: Solar panels allow you to receive energy from the sun to power your home. Unlike other energy sources like oil, coal and natural gas, solar panels are beneficial to the environment. Keeping your solar panels clean is extremely important. Slide 3: Energy Efficiency   Solar panels need to be clean so they can absorb the full force of the sun’s rays and turn them into power for the home. If there is dirt, debris, water, etc. on your solar panels, their efficiency can significantly decrease. As a result, you will have less energy for your home, and you may need to rely on other means to supplement the energy you receive from the solar panels. Slide 4: Determining Whether Your Solar Need to Be Cleaned   Some solar panels have a special monitoring device that lets you know if they need to be cleaned. It does that by checking how much energy output the solar panels produce. If they are producing less energy than normal, that may be a sign that they need to be cleaned. In other cases, you may have to do a physical inspection and check the solar panels yourself.   Keeping your solar panels clean is crucial to getting the optimal amount of energy from them. Please visit this website to learn more about solar panels cleaning in La Jolla.

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