Why Software-Defined Storage Matters

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Published on January 22, 2016

Author: Red_Hat_Storage

Source: slideshare.net

1. WHY SOFTWARE-DEFINED STORAGE MATTERS Ross Turk Red Hat Storage January 2016

2. STORAGE IS A BIG PART OF IT BUDGETS Storage is a top 3 spending category in any large infrastructure project, alongside servers and networking. Storage in the enterprise has been growing at 40%+ per year, and there is no sign this growth trend is slowing. A very large share of IT budgets is spent on storage solutions. 2018 TOTAL ADDRESSABLE MARKET (IN BILLIONS) $18.1 $15.2 $12.3 $10.3 $16.0 OS MIDDLEWARE EMERGIN G STORAGE MANAGEMENT

3. Traditional Storage Complex proprietary silos Open, Software-Defined Storage Standardized, unified, open platforms Custom GUI Proprietary Software Proprietary Hardware Standard Computers and Disks Standard Hardware OpenSource Software Ceph Gluster +++ Control Plane (API, GUI) ADMIN USER THE FUTURE OF STORAGE ADMIN USER ADMIN USER ADMIN USER Custom GUI Proprietary Software Proprietary Hardware Custom GUI Proprietary Software Proprietary Hardware


5. Storage virtualization is the use of software and standard hardware to provide services traditionally provided by single-purpose storage appliances (similar to server virtualization, which uses software to emulate servers), providing increased agility and efficiency. DISTRIBUTED CLUSTER OF SERVERS MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA APPLIANCE MEDIA MEDIA APPLIANCE MEDIA MEDIA APPLIANCE MEDIA MEDIA USER USER USER STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION USER USER USER



8. STANDARD SAN/NAS IS ON THE DECLINE Server-based storage is “will account for over 60% of shipments long term.” “By 2016, server-based storage solutions will lower storage hardware costs by 50% or more.” Gartner: “IT Leaders Can Benefit From Disruptive Innovation in the Storage Industry” Credit Suisse Storage Update, September 3, 2015 Changing workloads drive the need for flexible, economical server-based storage. WW DEPLOYED CAPACITY (TB) 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 (est) 2016 (est) Source: IDC 0% 60% 20% 40% 80% 100 % Internal CapacityExternal Capacity


10. STORAGE ORCHESTRATION Storage orchestration is the ability to provision, grow, shrink, and decommission storage resources on-demand and programmatically, providing increased control and integration of storage into a software-defined data center. WEB CONSOLE A browser interface designed for managing distributed storage API A full API for automation and integration with outside systems COMMAND LINE A robust, scriptable command-line interface for expert operators PROVISION INSTALL CONFIGURE TUNE MONITOR Full lifecycle management for distributed, software-defined data services


12. A RISING TIDE “By 2020, between 70-80% of unstructured data will be held on lower-cost storage managed by SDS” “By 2019, 70% of existing storage array products will also be available as software only versions” Innovation Insight: Separating Hype From Hope for Software-Defined Storage Innovation Insight: Separating Hype From Hope for Software-Defined Storage 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 $1,349M $1,195 M $1,029M $859M $706M $592M SDS-P MARKET SIZE BY SEGMENT $457M Block Storage File Storage Object Storage Hyperconverged Source: IDC Software-Defined Storage is leading a shift in the global storage industry, with far-reaching effects.

13. THE BALANCE Inflexible Expensive at large scale Durable Convenient Flexible Economical at large scale Durable Powerful Appliances are suitable for small- scale, workloads, but they do not scale economically. Software-defined storage has a learning curve, but bring performance and economy at petabyte scale.

14. WHY BOTHER? PROPRIETARY HARDWARE HARDWARE-BASED INTELLIGENCE SCALE-UP ARCHITECTURE CLOSED DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Common, off-the-shelf hardware Lower cost, standardized supply chain Scale-out architecture Increased operational flexibility Software-based intelligence More programmability, agility, and control Open development process More flexible, well-integrated technology

15. THE RED HAT STORAGE PORTFOLIO Ceph management OPENSOURCE SOFTWARE Gluster management Ceph data services Gluster data services STANDARD HARDWARE Share-nothing, scale-out architecture provides durability and adapts to changing demands Self-managing and self-healing features reduce operational overhead Standards-based interfaces and full APIs ease integration with applications and systems Supported by the experts at Red Hat

16. What is it, fundamentally? A distributed object storage platform A scale-out file system What can it store? Block devices (krbd + librbd) Objects (S3/Swift + librados) Files (SMB, NFS) with some object and block capabilities How does it place data? Policy-based algorithm Hash-based algorithm Smallest cluster 5 nodes 2 nodes Largest cluster 1000s of nodes 128 nodes Where is it deployed? Datacenter Datacenter Public / hybrid cloud What’s it used for? Building next-generation infrastructure Supporting scale-out applications PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION

17. GROWING INNOVATION COMMUNITIES Over 11M downloads in the last 12 months Increased development velocity, authorship, and discussion has resulted in rapid feature expansion. Contributions from Intel, SanDisk, CERN, and Yahoo. Presenting Ceph Days in cities around the world and quarterly virtual Ceph Developer Summit events. 78 AUTHORS/mo 1500 COMMITS/mo 258 POSTERS/mo 41 AUTHORS/mo 259 COMMITS/mo 166 POSTERS/mo

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