Why Social Networking?

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Published on June 16, 2009

Author: aSGuest20618

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Slide 2: Why? Slide 3: Why? Why should you care : Why should you care about Social Networking? Social Networking Slide 5: Because… Slide 6: Over 300 million people live in the United States. Source: U.S. Census Bureau Slide 7: 300 million Slide 8: Over 222 million people worldwide use Blogger. Source: blogger.com Slide 9: 222 million Slide 10: That is equivalent of 72% of the U.S. population. Slide 11: 72% Slide 12: Over 200 million people use Facebook. Source: facebook.com Slide 13: 200 million Slide 14: Over 200 million people use MySpace. Source: TechCrunch quoting MySpace Slide 15: 76 million Slide 16: Over 100 million U.S. residents had viewed YouTube by January of 2009 Source: Crunchbase.com/company/youtube Slide 17: 100 million Slide 18: Over 39 million people use Linkedin in over 200 countries Source: linkedin.com Slide 19: 39 million Slide 20: The average teen does 1.5 hours of social networking a day Source: Comscore Media Matrix Slide 21: 1.5 hours Slide 22: Blogs have 78 million unique visitors. Source: Comscore Media Matrix Slide 23: 78 million Slide 24: Over 9 million people use Twitter Source: The Nielson Company Slide 25: 2.3 million Slide 26: Over 5.5 million people ages 15-17 use social networking (65% of those 15-17) Source: people-press.org :  5.5 million Slide 28: Over 8.3 million people ages 18-29 use social networking (67% of those 18-29) Source: people-press.org Slide 29: 8.3 million Slide 30: Over 34.2 million people ages 30-39 use social networking (21% of those 30-39) Source: people-press.org Slide 31: 34.2 million Slide 32: Over 8.2 million people ages 40+ use social networking (6% of those 40+) Source: people-press.org Slide 33: 8.2 million Slide 34: Total U.S. Population you will reach using Social Networking: 56,379,923 (18-20% of the U.S. Population) Slide 35: 56,379,923 million Slide 36: Cost of Social Network Marketing? Virtually Free Slide 37: Why wouldn’t you market using Social Networking?

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