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Published on May 17, 2013

Author: xnlife



Health care will has to shift away from treatment and focus more on prevention.

Three main things to implement in your daily routine is a good muli- vitamin and resveratrol and a good omega 3 Melaleuca supplies all of these with the highest quality with 100% guaranteed money back 

This is my proposed prevention package
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For few dollars a day you would have more energy help your immune system just overall feel better?

Definition of xnlife = is to extend life

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Got to be few of us out there that would like to live longer healthier lives call question PST live in hope BC

Can you re-grow longer telomeres?

The shorter your telomeres are, the faster you age and experience the diseases of aging. The longer the telomere, the healthier the cell. After age 50, women's telomeres may grow longer or not get short as fast as men's over age 50. Short telomeres may signal shorter lifespan. But scientists are researching how to slow down the shortening of your telomeres or even grow them longer and possibly extend lifespan.

Telomeres are the caps at the end of our chromosomes. They protect our DNA and when they get too short, cells may die. Resveratrol and omega 3 is shown to protect the shortening of telomeres proexcv
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Why shouldnt you live longer?Studies show thousands of people that are interested in life extension. As for me, I have beendoing research on it for ten years now. Finding good and safe ways to be healthier, and help tolive longer with a better immune system!live, longer, should, not, Using, better, immune, system, ill, rest, years, start, extensionThe start of life extension why shouldnt you live longerWhat the Government does not want you to know because of the life expectancies ratio. Foranyone born past 1960 you are now looking at a retirement age of 67 years now. Thats becausewe are already living longer, yes but read on and find ways to screw the government death ratio!!Even More.Studies show that there are thousands of people that are interested in life extension. As for me Ihave been doing research on it for ten years now. Around 40, I had a big health scare, "thatsanother story" it made me more interested to finding out good and safe ways to be healthier, tohelp to live longer and have a better immune system!I know when you are in you twenty; looking after your self is nonstarter plus you probably thoughtyou wouldnt make it past 40 any way. So now that you are past forty now what? There are thingsthat will help with longevity and these are the three main things to put into a daily routine.One of the biggest is exercise, then goes to bad habits you know what most of these are? Butnow the three main supplements are Resveratrol, Omega 3,and Quality multi-vitamin and Qualitycalcium, vitamin D, magnesium. With just these supplements your life expectantly can go up 30 to40 percent. There is a lot more but this is the big three. Vitality for life, Provex cv, Phytomega ThisCompany I work with started with two things in mind, one is to always have the best products andsecond to have a good compensation plan to enhance the lives of each family one at a time.Please do your do diligent and really ponder this it is your life, Start taking care of your body.One thing that really bugs me is that people will give their animals supplements and soak moneythere, but when it comes to them, no way?? "Cannot spend a penny on myself". The health andwellness company, that is one of the best in its field of research and development will bededicated in finding more new, and exciting products through partnering up with doctors anduniversities to bring us the best to the market. Will be diligently year after year bringing new andgood tasting well working cost saving products.Excellent for the average person, to the elite athlete to someone that wants to lose weight, topicky children to get them the vitamins and minerals they need.Please dont dismiss this too easy?My hopes are for you to think about what you have read here today and take a stand towardsyour health. If you have any questions or need more info please do not hesitate to get in touchwith me though my blogger account.http://normlawlor.blogspot.ca

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