Why Should You Opt For Cloud ERP Solutions Over On-Premise?

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Information about Why Should You Opt For Cloud ERP Solutions Over On-Premise?

Published on November 23, 2017

Author: ExpandERP

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slide 1: Why Shoul d You Opt For Cl oud ERP Solutions Over On- Premise Business integration and management software that provid es a seaml ess fl ow of highly visibl e information at the minimum costs form the root of any successful organization. These applications that store and manage data across all d epartments to make them easily accessibl e optimize business operations to a great extent. However when it comes to such enterprise resource planning software all businesses have two choices — to go cl oud or to remain native to the company’s IT infrastructure. Whil e the former offers a pl ethora of advantages over the latter such crucial business d ecisions can be taken only after a thorough analysis of which gives what. So read on to know whether you shoul d opt for an on-premise ERP solution or a customized cl oud ERP software for your organizational needs. What Is An On-Premise Solution An On-Premise ERP software is one which is install ed l ocally on your company’s slide 2: infrastructure as well as managed and operated by your in-house IT d epartment. It is accessibl e through your company’s hardware and servers and you have to empl oy a good amount of the same to keep the program running. In other words you have to invest a quality amount of time and money to buy hardware install proper IT systems and appoint staff trained to l ook after the system. You may also need to hire trainers to train your existing empl oyees on how to manage the work on the software increasing thus your workaround costs. What Is A Cl oud Solution A cl oud ERP software is provid ed as a Saas Software As A Service mod el. It is install ed in the cl oud and accessibl e from anywhere using the company’s internet connection. The software and the data are managed centrally at a distant server with a highly secured system by the ERP vend or you choose. The benefits of this system are the amount of cost reduction it brings to your business without affecting its efficiency in any way. In fact it increases the productivity of the organization by making information availabl e anywhere using just a simpl e d evice and an internet connection. Let us shed some light on the other benefits a cl oud ERP software offers to any business: Maintenance Costs- There is no infrastructural maintenance cost for a cl oud ERP solution. The information is managed centrally. You have to pay for the stipulated amount at regular intervals and everything else will take care of by the vend or company. slide 3: Better Cash Fl ow- No capital expenses are required. As there is no need for multipl e hardware and backup software which woul d have been if the system was on the company’s premises. the bills will be charges only on operating expenses nothing more. Speed Of Depl oyment - Depl oying a cl oud ERP software takes a great d eal l esser time than an on-premise system. A cl oud ERP software can be d epl oyed in 3–6 months unlike the 12–18 months of an on-premise software that too without needing to change any of your company’s existing infrastructure. Data Security Backups- The cl oud provid ers empl oy high measures to enhance the security of your data. Furthermore your data is stored in at l east two l ocations so that even if the server crashes all will not be l ost. Although many companies have inhibitions about cl oud ERP software much more are opting for the same to enhance their existing systems. Innovation is something that you can not ignore be it within your knowl edge or not. If there is anything new to be offered l earn and stay updated. That is how you are going to make the most of the availabl e resources. So if you want to stay on par with the latest trends opting for a cl oud solution is your best bet. Read full content: https://medium.com/expandrp/why-shoul d-you-opt - for-cl oud-erp-solutions-over-on-premise-b75a0bb82532 -------------------------- ExpandERP 686 6th A Cross 3rd Block Koramangala Bangalore – 560034 Phone: +919007026542 Email: salesexpanderp.com Website: http://www.expanderp.com

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