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Published on September 26, 2018

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EXPORT DOCUMENT SERVICES: REQUEST FOR PERMITS HEALTH/PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE EXPORT DECLARATION NUMBER PRE-RECEIVAL ADVICE EXPORT DOCUMENTATION SOFTWARE EXPORT DECLARATION NUMBER EXPORT DOCUMENT SERVICES ABOUT EXDOC: WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE EXDOC.COM.AU?: ABOUT EXDOC: WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE EXDOC.COM.AU? ExDoc.com.au is a comprehensive export documentation services managed by an experienced team and supported by the online platform. Our business domain expertise, best practices and cloud-based software suite provides a total solution to clients. ALLOW OUR EXPERTS TO MANAGE YOUR EXPORT DOCUMENTATION SOFTWARE AND REQUIREMENTS. EXDOC.com.au team is your personal export department. We act on your behalf. We are a personal export/shipping department. We would liaise on your behalf with the packers/forwarders/ despatch team/bank. We deliver accurate and timely documents using high-end export documentation software. Get complete visibility and transparency of data with the help of our collaborative cloud-based software. Get easy access to the cloud-based portal and enable check status to obtain documents. At ExDoc.com.au, get the best pre- receival advice for all your import/export needs. EXPORT DOCUMENTATION SOFTWARE WITH TAILORED SERVICES: EXDOC.COM.AU: EXPORT DOCUMENTATION SOFTWARE WITH TAILORED SERVICES: EXDOC.COM.AU ExDoc.com.au is popular export documentation software offering tailored services using the latest technology. Using this cloud-based software, users can get all the necessary export documents, such as bills of lading, certificate of origin, export declaration number, and requests for permits – health/ phytosanitary certificates ready. EXDOC.COM.AU EXPORT DOCUMENTATION SERVICES: Comprehensive export documentation as requested by the customer under Letters of Credit/Documents against Acceptance/Payment and similar terms and conditions Export Declaration Number, or EDN, from Australian Customs Request for Permit (RFP) along with Health/ Phytosanitary Certificates from the Department of Agriculture for all listed commodities – dairy, seafood, horticulture, meat, eggs, inedible meat, eggs, skin & hides, wool. Pre- Receival Advice (PRA) submission All types of Certificates of Origin (COO) from any chambers of commerce across Australia such as FTA certificates like KAFTA, CHAFTA, JAEPA, AANZFTA, TAFTA etc. Apply today! ABOUT EXDOC.COM.AU : THE EXPORT DOCUMENTATION SERVICE DIVISION OF IMPEXDOCS: ABOUT EXDOC.COM.AU : THE EXPORT DOCUMENTATION SERVICE DIVISION OF IMPEXDOCS ExDoc.com.au is an integral part of ImpexDocs.com.au. It is the division that manages export documentation services using the latest export documentation software. A highly technical and skilled team operates synergistically to deliver optimum solutions to clients. The experienced staff of ExDoc.com.au can advice on: Letters of Credit Relevant certification Forwarders interaction Bank interactions Shipping communication Logistics and transportation BENEFITS OF EXPORT DOCUMENTATION SOFTWARE Specialist Letters of Credit Flexible pricing and engagement Obtain a complete set of export documents Liaise with parties Tailored services to obtain RFP/Health Phytosanitary Certificate, PRA/EDN/COO Complete transparency and visibility Dedicated account management Fill out the form and apply for dedicated export documentation services. Try now!! USE EXPORT DOCUMENTATION SOFTWARE TO STREAMLINE EXPORT PROCESS: USE EXPORT DOCUMENTATION SOFTWARE TO STREAMLINE EXPORT PROCESS ExDoc.com.au specializes to provide a comprehensive cloud-based software solution to exporters and forwarders. Other related service providers can also avail these services to automate the complexities of global trade and compliance together with logistics processes. OUR SERVICES ExDoc.com.au provides complete tailored services to meet respective needs of clients. Our export documentation software combined with web-based technology assists users at every step to deliver a complete lifecycle solution. Whether you are looking for pre- receival advice, complete consulting, support, training, or implementation, ExDoc.com.au is the best business domain expertise you must try. WHY CHOOSE US? Complete Export Documentation Solution: ExDoc.com.au offers all necessary products and streamlines operations of export departments. We offer a comprehensive modular solution as an integrated or standalone bundle to streamline end-to-end solution. Cloud-based Technology: We use a cost-effective and user-friendly web-based application that is easy to access online. No software installation. Total Service: Get a complete set of services plus support including installation process review, training, and support post-implementation. Apply for expert export documentation solution online. Call us today! Thank You

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