Why Should Students Prefer China for Medical Education

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Information about Why Should Students Prefer China for Medical Education

Published on May 24, 2018

Author: jagvimal

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: Why Should Students Prefer China for Medical Education In the world China has one of the fastest growing economies. This country has an ancient history an excellent civilization beautiful landscapes. China offers best and attractive facilities for students from South Asia at very low cost. If someone wants to study in China than not only one can increase their knowledge but also can see the culture and amazing sites that China holds. In China medical schools are recognized by the Medical Council of China and also recognized by the “WHO” World Health Organization. Foreign students can also prefer Chinese or English language for MBBS programs in China. Taking knowledge of Chinese language will be an advantage for students if they want to work in China after completion of their study. Students can prefer ‘China’ as their 1st choice when going to study abroad for higher education. slide 2: JagVimal Consultants is a consultancy that provides all the basic resources and information to study mbbs in China. There are top 3 reasons that students should prefer China for MBBS education: Booming economic condition of China- China is mobbing rapidly and annual growth of the GDP is reaching more than 7 in the coming 5 years. Some sources describe that the Chinese economy may overtake the economy of USA. Nowadays students prefer China for higher education and MBBS instead of Australia or USA. Approx 10000 US students are going to China for study. slide 3: Traveling and living is cheaper- The dollar has taken a beating last few years. Traveling living in China is less expensive than other European countries like USA South Korea Japan etc. Food in China is also very affordable. Employment advantage- In the last 30 years China is becoming the worlds fastest growing country. GDP of China recently overtook the GDP of Japan and has become the 2nd largest economy after the United States. The worlds top 500 companies are doing business in China and most of the headquarters of companies are situated in Chinas top big cities like Hong Kong Beijing and Shanghai. Reference- https://www.kiwibox.com/jagvimal/blog/entry/141074519/why-should-students-prefer-china- for-medical-education/

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