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Published on June 26, 2014

Author: eeshdewan

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A presentation I gave during PhotoFair 2009 in Delhi on Nikon India Booth. The presentation touched the topic of RAW shooting vs. JPEG shooting. It shows a small example on an image I shot in China

Why Shoot RAW? Do we really have to shoot RAW and what is it? by - Eesh

The Question is... If I was shooting Film, what would I use? Option 1 - Negative Film Option 2 - Slide orTransparency Film

Limitations of JPEG Files • JPEG artifacts, due to lossy compression • Although most sensors capture 10–14 bit color (grayscale) information only 8 bits are used in the final file • The in-camera RAW converter can only use limited computing resources but good RAW conversion can be very complex and computer intensive.As software technology evolves, it is much more efficient to have the conversion done on the host computer instead of the non-upgradeable ASIC commonly used today • The in-camera set or estimated white balance (WB) is applied to the photo within the camera.The same is true for color processing, tonal corrections, and in camera sharpening.This limits the post-processing capabilities, because a previously corrected image must be corrected again.The more processing done on a photo (especially 8 bit) the more it can degrade

What about in-cameraTIFF files? • ActuallyTIFF files only solve the lossy compression issue, but are still converted to 8-bit inside the camera • MostTIFF files are larger than RAW files

Benefits in RAW Files • No JPEG compression • Full use of the 14-bit color information (10–14 bit) • Use of very sophisticated RAW file converter like Nikon Capture NX2 • White balance, color processing, tonal/exposure correction, sharpening and noise processing can be processed later on in the computer • The RAW files also resemble a digital version of an undeveloped film negative. Over time, there are improved RAW file converters that give better and better results from the same data, for example Nikon Capture NX2 instead of Nikon Capture NX • File size is smaller thanTIFF file

What if this is the real life situation?

This is How a Transparency Film Will Shoot &This is exactly how a JPEG from Camera will look like

This is How a Negative Film Will Shoot This is your starting point

RAW File can also be called a “Digital Negative” or even better, “A Positive Negative”

What do you get in Capture NX2 RAW file is what allows you to get best possible quality


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