Why Scala?

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Published on September 6, 2008

Author: al3x

Source: slideshare.net


Why Scala? How a serial language enthusiast settled down with a nice Swiss language.

This talk is about how a serial language enthusiast settled down with a nice Swiss language called Scala.

Hi, I’m al3x, and I’m an addict a serial language enthusiast. Came to previous C4s for Io, Erlang. Have programmed for money in Java, JavaScript, C, PHP, Perl, Ruby, and Python. Have programmed for fun, love, or spite in x86 Assembly, Erlang, Lua, Objective-C, various Lisps, Haskell, O-Caml, C++, Io, Erlang.

I work at Twitter. Twitter has used mostly Ruby. Ruby is good for some things. But not everything. Ruby’s poor VM performance, monkeypatching and cultural issues, questionable for large systems. We had new services to build, didn’t want to continue with Ruby.

I wanted: fast functional expressive statically typed concurrent beautiful a pony My personal criteria for a good systems language.

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