Why orthodontic treatment is Important

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Information about Why orthodontic treatment is Important

Published on October 31, 2018

Author: RanaDentistry

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1. Why orthodontic treatment is important? Introduction to Orthodontic Orthodontic treatment is the method of straightening your misaligned teeth to improve your appearance. If you have some misaligned, crooked or damaged teeth and wants to make them align or straight then orthodontic the best and suitable solution for you. In Rana dentistry, we have a team of expert dentist in Redlands CA, who provide you with the best orthodontic treatment. We are known for the best oral health service in Redlands. So, before having any orthodontic surgery or procedure, you should understand why it is so important for your teeth? So, let’s begin this article with some important aspects of Orthodontic treatments and orthodontist in Redlands CA. Why you need Orthodontic treatment? Many people in the world have crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth and due to these things, they feel shy to flaunt their smile. But in Rana dentistry, we help you to repair your misaligned teeth by making them straight and align with the team of expert dentist in Redlands CA through Orthodontic treatment. Due to misaligned or improper positioned teeth, people experience pain in their gums, and sometimes the pain is unbearable. Importance of Orthodontics • If you have damaged or crooked teeth then you can easily align them with Orthodontic treatment.

2. • Orthodontic treatment provides more extensive support to your crooked and crowded teeth so that you can flaunt your smile with grace. • It also helps you to have a proper bite and proper alignment of your teeth because crooked teeth create a problem in food bite. • After orthodontic, you can have a great ability to clean teeth, better and extensive functionality, and longevity. • Orthodontics helps you in having a proper correction of your jaw and other tooth- related joint problems. Advantages of straight Teeth • Straight teeth are easy to clean and manage and give prevention to tooth damage and decay. • They help in reducing the extensive orthodontic treatment, which can be required when you don’t have proper treatment. • Orthodontist in Redlands CA helps in keeping your teeth align and incorrect position to avoid any pain. Understand the stage of Orthodontic treatment Well, there are many stages in orthodontic treatment, but we have concluded them all in these three stages like: Stage 1: This is an early treatment which usually started at the age of 2 or 3 years and continues till the age of 6. In this stage the main aim of the dentist to deal with those bad habits that can create crooked teeth. Stage 2: This stage starts between 6 to 12 years old in this phase the dentist find the best and possible way to treat those misaligned and crooked teeth. Stage 3: This is the final or last stage and this happens in the adolescence to aligned or correct your misaligned, damaged or crooked permanent teeth.

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