Why Now, There Is So Much Drama : The APocalypse Now Draws Near

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Information about Why Now, There Is So Much Drama : The APocalypse Now Draws Near

Published on October 7, 2014

Author: clay6vase



Based on what I gather in the trend of movies, I realized that there may have been an abundance of motion pictures depicting the Armageddon as the central point of the storyline. The Day After Tomorrow, Doomsday, 2012, WALL-E, are simply to name a few. Only 2 things come to mind when I consider the proliferation of apocalyptic films; it's either individuals simply dig it, or the art of making films is already mirroring the truth of life and exactly what seems to lie infront of mankind.

1. these days there is a Based upon what I see in the trend of films, I realized that there may have been an abundance of films portraying the Armageddon as the main point of the storyline. Doomsday Preppers, I Am Legend, WALL-E, are just to name a few. Only 2 things enter your mind when I think of the expansion of apocalyptic movies; it's either individuals merely dig it, or the skill of making movies is already mirroring the reality of life and what seems to lie infront of us. Art potrays life, and life mimics alot of art. Whichever method you desire it to be, a minimum of among those prepositions holds true, or better yet, both are. And if that is the case, I think it's proper to state that we might be choosing the feared, wished to be unreal, and unquestionably scary concept of completion of the world. Do you think that these world that we are presently living in has an end? Perhaps thinking about it gives us shivers in a very bad method. Well, just because given the idea of the end of this world, it for that reason follows the idea of the end of humanity, the end of our lifestyles, and eventually, the end of our heritage. It seems so phantasmagorical to ever believe that there is an end to our existence; our brains refuse to comprehend the very idea that it may end in one mannaer or another. However no matter how much we believe that such is an impossible phenomenon, we can not dismiss the truth of what we refer as Entropy. This is the teaching of inevitable decline and degeneration. That everything will ultimately wear and tear up until it attains its limits and sadly leads to its total destruction. Therefore, it isn't impossible that the world will certainly in some way die at the same time. For people who think that the armageddon is genuine, how do you visualize this world will end? Alien Kidnapping? Numerous volcanic explosions? Giant tsunamis? Hurricanes and flooding? The ground dividing? The list is long. But, what we don't know is that the most possible reasons for the world's death are things that we presume little about. Surprise! Surprise! It's our most current devices. A group of physicists and mathematicians in University of Oxford's Future of Humankind Institute professes that ther're enhancing pieces of evidence that our dependence to our technological gizmos and gadgets can lead to our death. In their paper, they stated that if individuals will certainly remain to count on these technological formulations and not choose to attend to the underlying troubles, then we're searching in a fast approaching failure most likely in the next century approximately. Now, before you get your claws on your latest smartphone, consider it. You may just be putting an additional push for the Doomsday or rather destruction of our lovely world. Luckily man could have Godly experiment.

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