為什麼蚊子不會傳播愛滋病(英文版)? Why mosquito can not transmit HIV (AIDS) (English version)?

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Information about 為什麼蚊子不會傳播愛滋病(英文版)? Why mosquito can not transmit HIV (AIDS) (English...

Published on February 21, 2014

Author: YaoJenChang



1000 WHYs series - Why mosquito can not transmit HIV/AIDS ?
一千個為什麼系列 - 為什麼蚊子不會傳播愛滋病?

I have wanted to know the answer of this question. After searching information, I made this PowerPoint. Hope it's useful for everyone.

This PowerPoint is English Version. Please use following links to the Chinese version.

Please feel free to use it after adding this blog as an reference. ( If there is any mistake or comment, please let me know. :D

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為什麼蚊子不會傳播愛滋病 ?(英文版) Why mosquito can not transmit HIV (AIDS)? (English version) Author: 張耀仁 wing Blogger: Email:

Language Version  中文版 Chinese Version: or  英文版 English Version: this ppt

Outline  Brief introduction to mosquitoes  Diseases mosquitoes can transmit  Why mosquito can’t transmit HIV (AIDS)? Can people get infection from mosquitoes which just access the AIDS patients? Can AIDS virus on mosquitoes’ mouthparts infect people?  Conclusion

Brief introduction to mosquitoes  Larva is wiggler or wriggler. ◦ They live below the surface. ◦ Frequently clear the ponds can stop them reproduce!  Adults are mosquitoes ◦ Male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar/plant juices. ◦ Females mosquitoes are also blood-eating.

Diseases mosquitoes can transmit  Some specific kinds of mosquitoes can transmit disease. ◦ They are called as vector mosquito.  Mosquitoes can transmit dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever and filariasis.  Viruses will be destroyed in mosquitoes’ digestive system if they aren’t in vector mosquitoes.

Why mosquito can not transmit HIV (AIDS)?  Virus needs particular environment to reproduce. (In living body) ◦ HIV virus can’t live in mosquitoes’ digestive system (not vector mosquito).  So the HIV viruses can live in human body, but can’t live in mosquitoes.

Can people get infection from mosquitoes which just access the AIDS patients?  Mouthpart is more complicated than a tube! ◦ Mouthpart have tow tubes.  One will spit saliva. (anticoagulant and anesthesia) ◦ Human can’t feel they are bit.  One will suck blood. ◦ These bloods won’t spit from another tube.  So after biting AIDS patients, mosquitoes won’t spit HIV virus to their next victims.

Can AIDS virus on mosquitoes’ mouthparts infect people?  The blood-sucking mouthparts only take few bloods.  Even though mosquitoes bit AIDS patient, the volume of HIV virus aren’t enough to infect people.  Maybe a person accept one HIV virus after being bitten by 1 million mosquitoes, which they had accessed the AIDS patients.

Conclusion  Mosquito can’t transmit HIV virus/ AIDS!  Vector mosquitoes are still take many diseases to infect human!  Although we don’t need to worry about this possibility, people still need to clear the ponds to kill wigglers.

Thank you for watching!  Please see my blog and see other things I shared!  請看我的部落格看我其他的分享! Author: 張耀仁 wing  Blogger:  Email: 

Reference on?qid=1009061408019 3. 11279404 4. 8%AD%98%E8%9A%8A%E5%AD%90%EF% BC%88%E6%84%9B%E6%BB%8B%E7%97% 85%E6%9C%83%E7%B6%93%E7%94%B1% E8%9A%8A%E5%AD%90%E5%82%B3%E6% 9F%93%E5%97%8E%EF%BC%9F%EF%BC %89 5. 1. 2.

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