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Published on June 17, 2007

Author: Alfanso

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Director, Professor Institute of Zoology Chinese Academy of Sciences Secretary General, 19th International Congress of Zoology, August 23-27, Beijing, China Vice-President, China Zoological Society, China Association of Sciences and Technology Dr. Zhibin Zhang FROM ICZ TO IZS: GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR ZOOLOGY HISTORY:  HISTORY Started in 1889 with promotion by French Zoological Society Congress was held regularly until 1963. French was the official language Close links with Zoological Nomenclatures XVIIth congress in 1972 Monte Carlo. Poor attendance. A long hiatus started. XVIIIth ICZ:  XVIIIth ICZ Athens, Greece, August 28- September 2, 2000 233 participants from 36 countries 102 oral presentations 127 posters Proceeding: The new panorama of animal evolution (738pp) XIXth ICZ:  XIXth ICZ 23-27 August, 2004, Beijing, China Organized by China Zoological Society Institute Of zoology, The Chinese Academy Of Sciences XIXth ICZ:  XIXth ICZ INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ZOOLOGY COMMITTEE Chair: John Buckeridge (New Zealand) Vice Chair: Walter J. Bock (USA) Members: Michael Schmitt (Germany), Edwin L. Cooper (USA), Rosa Polymeni (Greece),  Da-Xiang Song (China) Secretary: Stuart Poss (USA) XIXth ICZ:  XIXth ICZ Congress Chair: Yi-Yu Chen (China) Congress Secretary General: Zhibin Zhang (China) XIXth ICZ:  XIXth ICZ ADVISORY COMMITTEE Chairs: Rui-Yu Liu (China), John Buckeridge (New Zealand) Vice-Chairs: Zuo-Yan Zhu (China), P. Schei (Norway) Members: Philippe Bouchet (France), Chin Ha Chung (Korea), S.K. Dey (USA), Alain Dubois (France), John. J. Eppig (USA), Albrecht E. Fischer (Germany), Motonori Hoshi (Japan), Barbara Koenig (Switzerland), Peter K. L.Ng (Singapore), Francis Dov Por (Israel) XIXth ICZ:  XIXth ICZ ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Chairs: Da-Yuan Chen (China), Walter J. Bock (USA) Vice-Chairs: Zhi-Bin Zhang (China), Stuart Poss (USA), Wei Wang (China), Run-Sheng Chen(China) Secretary General: Zhi-Bin Zhang (China) Secretary General Associate: De-Hua Wang, Fu-Wen Wei, Zhi-Yun Jia (China) Members: Ian D. Cresswell (Australia), K. G. Mikhailov (Russia), Grant Singleton (Australia), Dieter Waloszek (Germany), Chung-I Wu (USA), Toshiyuki Yamaguchi (Japan) XIXth ICZ:  XIXth ICZ SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Chairs: Da-Xiang Song (China), Rosa Polymeni (Greece) Vice-Chairs: Jeffrey A. McNeely (Switzerland); Qing-Yuan Sun (China), En-Kui Duan (China) Members: Edwin L. Cooper (USA), Neal L. Evenhuis (USA), Gerhard Heldmaier (Germany), Lyn A. Hinds (Australia), Robert Hoffmann (USA), Anders Pape Moller (France), Randall S. Prather (USA), Philippe Roch (France), Michael Schmitt (Germany), Nils Chr. Stenseth (Norway), Adalberto Luis Val (Brazil), Jerry Yang (USA), Sadao Yasugi (Japan) XIXth ICZ:  XIXth ICZ SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Chairs: Da-Xiang Song (China), Rosa Polymeni (Greece) Vice-Chairs: Jeffrey A. McNeely (Switzerland); Qing-Yuan Sun (China), En-Kui Duan (China) Members: Edwin L. Cooper (USA), Neal L. Evenhuis (USA), Gerhard Heldmaier (Germany), Lyn A. Hinds (Australia), Robert Hoffmann (USA), Anders Pape Moller (France), Randall S. Prather (USA), Philippe Roch (France), Michael Schmitt (Germany), Nils Chr. Stenseth (Norway), Adalberto Luis Val (Brazil), Jerry Yang (USA), Sadao Yasugi (Japan) XIXth ICZ:  XIXth ICZ SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM The scientific program will include opening ceremony, 15 plenary session, 60 symposium session, contributed paper session, poster session. Plenary Sessions:  Plenary Sessions P1. Phylogeography John Avise (USA) P2. Feathered Dinosaurs from China and Origin of Birds Xing Xu (China) P3. Origin of VertebratesDe-Gan Shu (China) P4. Sexual SelectionG. A. Parker (UK) P5.Vole, Mice and Lemmings:a Homage to Charles Elton—a Zoologist Nils Chr Stenseth (Norway) P6. Role of Vertebrates in Forest Regeneration Zhi-Bin Zhang (China) P7. Impact of Invasive Mammalian Species Grant Singleton (Australia) P8. Disruption of Molting in Crustaceans by Xenobiotics En-Min Zou (USA) Plenary Sessions ….:  Plenary Sessions …. P9. Wildlife Conservation: Opportunity and Challenges in the New Century Jeffrey A. McNeely (Switzerland) P10. From Research to Practice - Bridging the Gap between Fieldwork – Policy John MacKinnon (Philippines) P11.Genetic Modification of Swine for Medicine and Agriculture Randall S. Prather (USA) P12. Genomic reprogramming after cloning Jerry (Xiang-Zhong) Yang (USA) P13. Comparative Immunology Edwin L. Cooper (USA) P14. Bioethics John Buckeridge (New Zealand) P15. Sperm structure and phylogeny of hexapods Romano Dallai Symposium Sessions:  Symposium Sessions SECTION 1: EVOLUTION AND SYSTEMATICS (18 symposia) SECTION 2: BEHAVIOR AND SOCIOBIOLOGY (7 symposia) SECTION 3: ANIMAL ECOLOGY (3 symposia) SECTION 4: ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT (5 symposia) SECTION 5: CONSERVATION AND BIODIVERSITY (16 symposia) SECTION 6: REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY (6 symposia) SECTION 7: DISEASE (7 symposia) SECTION 8: ETHICS, PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION IN ZOOLOGY (4 symposia) Slide15:  PRELIMINARY TIMETABLE   Slide16:  Registration Fee Slide17:    For detailed and updated information about ICZ 2004, please visit the website of ICZ 2004: at: http://www.icz.ioz.ac.cn   On-line registration web site: http://www.congress.com.cn/icz/register.html   For General Information: Ms Yuan-Min Liu E-mail: icz2004@panda.ioz.ac.cn   For information about Scientific Program, please contact: Prof. De-Hua Wang E-mail: wangdh@panda.ioz.ac.cn   For information about Exhibition, Sponsorship, Grants, please contact: Prof. Fu-Wen Wei E-mail: weifw@panda.ioz.ac.cn   For information about registration, tours, visa applications, cancellations and payment, please contact: Mr. William Chen E-mail: icz2004@congress.com.cn CORRESPONDENCES Slide18:  Present ICZ:  Present ICZ International Zoology Committee Scientific Member of IUBS Running 19th International Congress of Zoology No secretariat or headquarter No website No regular budget Why We Need IZS ?:  Why We Need IZS ? Great progress of zoology by absorbing knowledge and technology from other disciplines (e.g. molecular biology and information technology) Great demand of zoology in wildlife management under intense human disturbance and global climate change Great demand of integrative zoology in integrating branches of zoology Great awareness of animal welfare and ethics Purposes Of IZS ?:  Purposes Of IZS ? Promote development of zoology Bridge gaps among different branches (molecular biology, physiology, ecology, ethnology ect.) Promote education of zoology Promote public awareness of wildlife and conservation Promote sustainable exploitation of animals Promote capacities of animal damage prevention Promote links among worldwide zoologists, national zoological societies, NGOs and governments Structure of IZS ?:  Structure of IZS ? Scientific Member of IUBS by replacing ICZ with IZS Set up International and Regional committees with members elected and renewed every four years Accept for national or regional zoological societies, zoos, parks, reserves as well as individuals as members Accept for donations for wildlife management Set up links with other societies or organizations Set up a secretariat to run routine tasks Function of IZS ?:  Function of IZS ? Guiding the congress every four year Keep members informed of activities and progresses of IZS though website and electronic newsletter Special symposia International programs for joint research International programs for public education International programs for young zoologists Zoological Data Network Beijing, Secretariat of IZS ?:  Beijing, Secretariat of IZS ? Venue of 19th ICZ, 2004 Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences promised to support Necessary space Facilities (including website) Staff Chinese Academy of Sciences promised to give necessary financial support to get IZS started China Association of Science and Technology generally agree IOZ to host the secretariat of IZS and promised to give necessary support Slide25:  THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION AND SUPPORT !

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