Why is cheddar cheese orange?

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Published on December 9, 2013

Author: Heifer_in_Tank



“Cheese is naturally white. Organic Valley has responded to customer requests for traditionally coloured Colby and Muenster.” Organic Valley

Story of Cheddar Cheese  “It all began in Cheddar Gorge in Somerset.” Cheddar cheese was first found in a Cheddar Gorge cave!!

Cows and Carotenes: Does what the cow eat affect cheese color? “The more Carotene in the cow’s food (grass), the more yellow or yellow-orange the fat in the milk” Plants have carotenes to prevent photo-inhibition!

Why does annatto make cheese look orange? “It scatters only the Light Orange light yellow-orange wavelengths of light.”

how does it influence the color of cheese? “Casein Reflects all light and makes the cheese look white” Casein micelle Casein: the most important protein in milk

An amateur may consider natural cheese color only yellow and white… “ However, you can “see” some of the chemistry of cheese when you discern the variation in natural cheese color” At the very least, perhaps you’ll never view cheese the same way again!

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