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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: islamalts

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Inspection? About architecture of Enterprise IT system and its documents 2nd March 2014 Saiko Shiroto

1. Write documents? ● Documents? For What? – Prevent your system getting a black box. – For quick fix as problem happened. – Easy access to reasonable extension. – Keep it fit for your business.

2. How does documents help? You probably write・・・ 計画 Plan ドキュメント Fit for business Archi計画 ドキュメント tecture Nice and clear architecture Solve problems quickly 計画 Test ドキュメント Easy inspection

3. Why inspections are necessary? ● What is caused without inspections? – Nobody could assure the product is qualified for purpose. – Nobody could even fix the problem. Not supposed to be...right? ● Make it sure what you need ● Take it easy to grow your business

4. Architecture and Documents ● Architecture – It is necessary for the system. – It is invisible itself. ● Documents – You can see the architecture in it. – To develop and to extend.

4. Architecture and Documents Architecture (invisible) Detail Design Base Design Documents (visible) Base Design Documents Detail Design Documents Detail Design Documents

5. Quality in Architecture ● Materialize requirements ● Everything is mentioned ● Every single part is organized Precise Imprecise

6. Quality in Documents ● Everything is clear ● Everything is written ● Organized, not cluttered Good Quality Bad Quality

7. Fix problems early You can save time and money. Just remember those things below. ● Earlier find errors, earlier fix them ● Easily fix if it is small ● Late fix causes waste time and budget

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