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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: JosephJWagner

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polish trams blow, but hopefully they will get better after this love letter.

Joeyinpoz Things I hate about Polish Trams (Part 1) My love letter to Polish Tramwaje

Joeyinpoz To my favorite Polish tram company, I’d like to provide some feedback.

Joeyinpoz Z głębokości mojej duszy, z miłością, I delikatnością, chciałbym wam powiedzieć:


Joeyinpoz Lesson 1: Don’t lock the tram doors early, ever.

Joeyinpoz A few months ago, I saw some kretyn bez musku lock an old couple (75+ years) from entering a tram on a Sunday at Głogowska/Hetmańska while they were waiting

Joeyinpoz For 5 minutes they pounded on the driver’s door. Apparently, “YAH PEER DOLLAR” is not the magic word for opening the tram doors. (It’s Yah Peer Dollar Prussia)

Joeyinpoz This Kretynowca never even turned his ugly head for the whole five minutes.

Joeyinpoz There should be a policy against this type of pierdoły...

Joeyinpoz For example: Don’t be fucking douchebagsOpen the door for your fellow specie members.

Joeyinpoz Otherwise people will start doing shit like this.

Joeyinpoz I can’t even imagine the problems you bastards will have with jazdą na gapę.

Joeyinpoz Lesson 2: Stop sending uszkodzony or zniszczony trams in place of my tram to work.

Joeyinpoz I don’t go to work uszkodzony (I take a na żądanie). Trams should do the

Joeyinpoz If you send an uszkodzony tram for a lap around Poznan like it’s in a damn parade, I have a hard time

Joeyinpoz That’s like Kamil Stoch putting on an uszkodzony sign, and then he goes and jumps 140m. Misleading. We just can’t help thinking...

Joeyinpoz You guys are lying sacks of shit.

Joeyinpoz FYI, this is not an uszkodzony tram.

Joeyinpoz This is a fucking uszkodzony tram.

Joeyinpoz Basically, I’d rather ride in a semi- uszkodzony tram than wait an extra 30 minutes to start my miserable job,

Joeyinpoz Figure the shit out please.

Joeyinpoz So in summary...

Joeyinpoz If you are an honest, timely, non- zniszczony tram driver or worker:

Joeyinpoz May Jesus Christ, his twelve apostles, and all of the angels in heaven bless your Polish soul.

Joeyinpoz But if not, please take this as constructive feedback: • Decrease douchebaggery in opening doors for your fellow homo- sapiens (especially old ones) • Being 2 minutes early never saved any polar bears Stop leaving early and make us miss our trams to work/school/go-go club • Fix the problems with Uszkodzone trams. When I ride 10 trams a week, and I have to wait once a week 20 minutes longer because my tram is uszkodzone, Poznan, we have a problem.

Joeyinpoz Thanks! Z miłością czy coś. God bless Polska. Joey Waiver: I am obviiously not an idiot and realize there are times when uszkodzone trams should not be taken. However, reduce the frequency by increasing maintenance, and only consider the tram „uszkodzone” if it presents a public danger could increase satisfaction. Additionally waiting and keeping the doors open may slow down tram times, however nobody ever died from a tram that was a few minutes late. All comments are parody and intended for comedic effect and are opinion.

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