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Published on November 19, 2008

Author: cometoshare

Source: slideshare.net


When seeing the Samsung YP-U4 with this standard, we can say the color meal or color game. Crystal rose, navy purple, and ocean blue come in. I’m going to introduce the Navy purple product.

LINK : http://mswindowsforum.net/forum/view.php?id=h_review&no=306 Light, swimming between the lights. Samsung YP-U4 Most of the colors of multimedia devices are simple. Black, gray, or white are the majority of them, and most of the customers interested know that. Especially, in MP3 players now being considered an accessory, there was big competition in UI, convenience, and design, but makers didn’t have interests in the color of products. When seeing the Samsung YP-U4 with this standard, we can say the color meal or color game. Crystal rose, navy purple, and ocean blue come in. I’m going to introduce the Navy purple product, and it has 1 inch 4 line gray OLED with 2GB and 4GB, and it supports MP2,WMA, and OGG with 16 hours of playing time.

The basic design concept of the YP-U4 is ‘Litmus’. It means ‘light spreads’. Following the S2 having ‘sound spreads’, and the S3 having ‘color spreads’, the concept of the YP-U4 based on light feels like a consideration of all wondrous things. I mean it goes over the sound and color to light which can be felt with mind. The light is the combination of sound and color, and this product is similar to the light between sunrise and sunset in the boundary of mountain.

The YP-U4 consists of browsing control based on touch buttons and play/select button for execution. To add more relish, 3 LED light beautifully. Those 3 LCD can be set with the setting menu as random, on, or off. I think nobody will turn this LED off. Especially, when the screensaver is executed in random, the LED light more dynamic and gorgeous.

It’s really hard to compose UI in the 1 inch 4 line gray OLED, but the YP-U4 are composed very well with side buttons which will be introduced. When it comes to the main menu, the same UI as the YP-P2 is used to select music-FM radio-Datacasts-recording-file browser- setting. Besides, the music mode, ID tag, status, and the batter are displayed well as much as the OLED. So, what do I have to do to make wanted sound effects?

At the side of the YP-U4, there are multi buttons to use with touch buttons. The reason I mentioned it multi buttons, it can be easily controlled in each menu with those buttons. Especially, the sound effect like I said can be used by the ‘User button’ control for the DNSe 2.0. In addition, with the ‘user button mode’ in setting, repeat, playing speed, or play mode can be selected with the user button while listening to music. I want to give high grade to this part. Also, 2GB and 4GB are released, and for 2GB, FM radio can be recorded for 31 hours. It’s convenient not only to record radio broadcasting with one button, but also to sort them because they are saved as an MP3 file format with date.

The YP-U4 is 27.5g super light weight. And at the top, there’s a earphone connection part, and internal microphone for voice recoding. Max 5 hours is possible for voice recording. It’s possible with the record button at the side, and it’s convenient to record in the class or conversation.

At the back, there’s a strap ring, and rese hole. Particularly, at the strap ring, users can put t necklace or bracelet to express their personality. I think it can be an item to express them in summer.

One of the convenient things of the YP-U4 is the internal USB terminal. It can be used by pushing the USB switch at the side. With this USB terminal, users can connect it to a PC or laptop to copy music files and recharge. It works 16 hours long with 4 hours charge.

The YP-U4 Navy Purple has a feeling of crossing south china sea. Like the strong sun crossing the South China Sea, I think this product might be a passion of Samsung. The YP-U4 is the passion combined product with ‘user button’ for convenience, button array for former users, clear grey OLED screen for readability, and beautiful 3 LED. <After review> Normally we don’t write this after review, but I’m writing it briefly, because there was big trouble. We are running A, B team, and the B team was in charge of the YP-U4. But, by the request of A team who was passionate to mobile products, it went to the A team. Generally, when we need a concept picture, we take pictures outside. But with the idea that we take all pictures outside, we worked. However, as you knew, thanks to the weather forecast center, we just watched in the ‘Seon Yu do’, and came back. We had to take pictures in the familiar bar with the customers’ consent. Even, my friends working for the bar took pictures for promotion. But, we couldn’t do this, because there were no back and top picture, and we had to take pictures in the booth. Since we’ve been through those adversity with the product, we are kind of crying no, because we had to send it to Japan. They are the pictures was intended to use in review taken by the A team below.

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