Why Hard Work Is Essential in Doing Stand-Up Comedy

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Information about Why Hard Work Is Essential in Doing Stand-Up Comedy

Published on January 1, 2017

Author: EmalNessary

Source: slideshare.net

1. Emal Nessary, California Why Hard Work Is Essential in Doing Stand-Up Comedy

2. Introduction  A cum laude alumnus of DeVry University in Long Beach, California, with a BS in business administration, Emal Nessary functions as the operations administrator at the Writers Guild of America, West, Inc., in Los Angeles. Outside of work, Emal Nessary enjoys going to stand-up comedy shows. Although comedians from different platforms share the objective of eliciting laughter, stand-up comedy, which involves performing on stage and speaking directly to an audience, differs substantially from, say, that which is done on television or in films. Despite any misconceptions to the contrary, stand-up comedy is not easy, but, as many comedians know, entails years of practice to make a polished act seem

3. Stand-Up Comedy  In other words, in contrast to the popular belief that comics make things up spontaneously or are just naturally funny, they can take hours to prepare a live set. Stand-up comedy is such a specific skill that comedians from other platforms who suddenly venture into the domain have been known to fail. A notable example is Charlie Sheen, who, after his departure from Two and a Half Men, embarked on a stand-up comedy tour that failed to realize the same level of success as that achieved by the television series.

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