Why Good People Disagree about EDTECH: EdTechWomen Portland Meeting

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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: mbjerede

Source: slideshare.net

Breakfast Talk 4/26/2014 Marie Bjerede | Bobbie Jager | Mary Kremer BackChannel: https://todaysmeet.com/Etwportland or http://goo.gl/SjkUIP #etwportland Guest Wifi: Mimosa (no password)

why women, and not men? one reason: we bring a different, authentic, and important voice that is suppressed or altered in the presence of the dominant culture/voice if this is true… if we are here to explore and raise our voice, let’s spend some time today honing it

why is the edtech discussion so shrill? pundits and politicians making hay while playing with kids’ future? entrenched interests putting profit ahead of children? institutions imposing their will and taking our autonomy? maybe so. or just maybe… when it comes to our children, we react instinctively from our morals as much as our intellect

this book explores the genetic and evolutionary foundation of morality, and why we cant understand why good people disagree with us about the most fundamental and important things http://righteousmind.com

when faced with taboo questions, e.g. “is it ok to tear up an old flag for cleaning rags?” many people have such a strong reaction against it that the reasons they articulate against it make no logical sense – they are poorly executed rationalizations. some people are literally “dumbstruck” because it is so inconceivable that anyone could think that was ok, that they literally have no words to express it what would someone have to pay you to do the things in column B- note they are intellectually equivalent to column A? from The Righteous Mind

did any of the “taboos” in column B give you a sense of moral outrage? here are the evolutionary bases of those moral senses - different people have these to different degrees. from The Righteous Mind

your moral balance is correlated to your political affiliations note that the author later split “fairness” into two categories. 1:Liberty/Oppression: rejection of attempted domination and banding together against bullies which supports the “egalitarianism and antiauthoritarianism of the left, as well as the don’t-tread-on-me and give- me-liberty antigovernment anger of libertarians and some conservatives.” vs 2: Proportionality from The Righteous Mind

what if our sense of moral outrage when faced with these discussions has an evolutionary basis? can we use that knowledge to better put ourselves in other people’s shoes with more empathy and insight? can we understand each others’ arguments well enough that we can stop arguing against “strawman” versions because we are blind to portions of the argument?

lets burn the strawman let us seek better arguments and deeper understanding; more systemic approaches and more holistic vision; let us move from fallacies to intellectual honesty and inquiry; let us lend each other our eyes to serve as rear-view mirrors in our blind spots; let us construct some knowledge. together.

Burning the Strawman - Topics 1. Common Core Standards are good for schools 2. Common Core aligned assessments are good for schools 3. Gaming is a good way to learn 4. Flipping the classroom improves teaching and learning 5. Kahn academy is a wonderful innovation 6. Families deserve universal school choice 7. Competition among public and private and charter and on-line schools leads to a better school system 8. Students should have their own personal mobile device for use at school and at home 9. A quiet, orderly classroom means great teaching 10. Student test scores are a good way to measure teacher quality 11. MOOCS are the future of higher education 12. College is not the best investment of time and money for many kids 13. Software developers should have access to anonymized student data

Burning the Strawman – Part I

Burning the Strawman – Part II • Now make the argument for your own side • Be sure to include thoughtful responses to ALL the concerns from the other position • If you can find someone who took the opposite position, see if your argument was made any more persuasive by the exercise

Contact: Marie Bjerede @mbjerede marieb@e-mergents.com Thank You

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