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Information about Why GLIIF?

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: AlanBologlu

Source: slideshare.net


GLIIF is the only branded solution connecting the real world to the digital universe.

A quick note on GLIIF. We are in BETA. It is a free service for mobile users which includes social networking images and an embedded contact GLIIF in the app.

Our business model supports generous revenue sharing programs for partners and we are currently looking to establish reliable connections there.

Every scan adds to a brand concentric network for push and in-app messaging for an open line of communication. Basically a hyper-targetted database is established with our solution.

The GLIIF Reader is currently available on the Apple App store.

Why  GLIIF?  

GLIIF’s  only  compe33on  is  the  QR  CODE.     They  are  ugly  and  ruins  a  brands  image.   They  require  a  safety  zone  in  printed  material.   50%  of  the  popula3on  in  the  USA  does  not  know  what  they  are.   Most    are  a  fixed  one  3me  experience  and  can  not  be  updated.   Only  using    URL  shortening  tech.  can  you  get  analy3cs.   If  you  use  URL  shortening  NeoMedia  will  sue  you.     hSp://www.paperspecs.com/beware-­‐the-­‐qr-­‐code-­‐patent-­‐trap/  

A  GLIIF  can  be  blended  into  a  publica3on  or  made  to  stand  out.     GLIIF  is  completely  server  based  so  des3na3on  URL’s  can  be  updated.   LOGO  inser3on  is  automated  with  campaign  management.   Every  SCAN  adds  to  a  brand  and  interest  concentric  database  for   push  and  in  app  messaging.     It  is  free  for  all  mobile  users  and  includes  images  for  major  social   networks  and  has  integrated  vCard  capabili3es.    

Link  directly  to  your  digital  content  from  printed  materials   All  SCAN’s  can  be  shared  or  added  to  favorites.    

The  GLIIF  Reader  Mobile  Applica3on.   SCAN  History   What’s  TRENDING   With  Brand  Logo   SCANNED  Contacts   And  Messages  

The  GLIIF  Web  Plaorm   Account  Profile  that  links  directly   to  vCard  on  Mobile  Applica3on.     Your  informa3on  can  be  updated   Automated  GLIIF  engine  for   building  images     This  includes  meta  data  

The  GLIIF  Web  Plaorm   Integrated  Campaign   Management  w/  auto  logo   inser3on  and  analy3cs.   The  ability  to  quickly  update   image  URL’s  and  create  in  app   push  messaging.  

Market  Es3mates  and  Informa3on  

Growth  Plan   Team  with  strategic  partners  to  promote  the   GLIIF  solu3on  and  offer  significant  and   repea3ng  revenue  sharing.   Provide  free  service  to  all  mobile  users   Including  major  social  networks  and  vCard.   Provide  Non-­‐Profits  SCAN  to  Donate  GLIIF’s  at   no  cost.    

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