Why Email Marketing is Required

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Information about Why Email Marketing is Required

Published on June 20, 2018

Author: ItsECampus

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slide 1: Why E-mail Marketing Required Email was one of the first things on the Internet to convey any private and commercial message but now personal messaging apps social network platforms have taken its place. Does that mean Email Marketing Classes is dead and out-dated The answer is: absolutely NO. Email is still being used as a strong and productive marketing tool on which new and cutting-edge strategies are being built. What is Email Marketing Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing through digital medium used to communicate a commercial message to a group of people using Email. A good email marketing strategy would be using emails to develop relationships with potential customers over time through the series of messages through it. One of the advantages of email marketing versus social media is that email will remain with the prospect buyer till he reads it or delete it while social media posts may not show on the targeted customers streams. Itsecampus offers an email marketing training course that will help you learn email marketing strategieshow to effectively build user list deliver emails and generate clicks.The powerful lessons from our experts will teach you how to create and execute email campaigns and measure the results. The course also includes the practical knowledge of the tools used for email marketing training. Examples of Email Marketing Email marketing is sending one to one mail about product and services. Email is the most sought and reliable channel of communication when compared to other facets of online communication. slide 2:  Newsletter Emails inform customers about current offers and discounts. In such emails narrative is combined with the images and videos. The Newsletter is generally mailed to the customers who have already made a purchase of the said product or service.  Drip Marketing is also known as automated email campaigns. They are the emails which are scheduled to deliver on any trigger or a particular day. For example: one email may go on signup a second may go on the 3 rd day and a reminder may go if the prospect doesnot open the email. There are various apps and tools which you need to learn to make your drip campaign successful.  Freebie marketing is about offering free eBook webinar if you subscribe to any of the blogs or posts.  Support emailmarketing is about customer support while transactionalemail is about the confirmation of let ’s say ticket booking or any complaint generated at the call center. slide 3: It is true that email marketing alone cannot alone suffice your business needs but it is must to have an email marketing strategy in juncture with other marketing objectives. The email marketing certification coursewill help you develop the ability to build a successful marketing campaign that will lead your career and business to a different stage.

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