Why Eat Organic Good?

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Information about Why Eat Organic Good?

Published on November 20, 2017

Author: Panda7CashBack

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1: WHY EAT Slide2: why eat organic food ? Every body knows that organic products are good for health, but also pricey. Personally, I do not spend much money on organic stuff, but I am very careful when I  buy some stuff such as potato, apple, and daily product. Today, I want to share 2015 the most updated research findings on organic studies that done by EWG. After reading this post, you will get a pretty clear idea what you have to buy in organic and which fruit you do not need to buy organic one. Slide3: # Why should I buy an organic apple? I do not trust the studies done by commercial companies or that supported by the related third parties. In general, researchers or study results can be affected by the subsidized research budget, this is the reason why I want to bring your attention to this non-profit organization guide. According to the EWG’s guide, approximately two-thirds of 3,000 products contains pesticide residue during their study, which was huge number. Then, which vegetable or fruit should I buy organic? (=which vegetable and fruit absorbs the most pesticide? ) Slide4: Whatsoever , these mentioned items should be consumed as organic in order to minimize the dietary intake of pesticide: Apple 2. Peach 3. Nectarine 4. Potato 5. Grape 6. Sweet bell pepper 7. Cherry tomato 8. Imported snap pea 9. Strawberry 10. Celery 11. Spinach 12. Cucumber Slide5: I know that apple should be always organic, but I did not know cherry tomato should be organic as well. When thinking about the total number of cucumbers I ate with its skins, it is pretty shocking. Then, which items does not need to be organic? Slide6: The cleanest item is Avocado, and the list of products that does not need to be organic is Avocado 2. Pineapple 3. Kiwi 4. Papaya 5. Mango 6. Cantaloupe 7. Sweet Corn 8. Cabbage 9. Sweet Pea Frozen 10. Onion 11. Asparagus 12. Egg Plant 13. Grapefruit 14. cauliflower 15. Sweet Potato Slide7: It is very interesting though, there are a lot of vegetables and fruits that we do not need to waste our money by paying extra. Additionally, EWG lists 50 items in order, from ‘should be organic’ to’ does not need to be organic ’ Slide9: Now you have your own list what need to be organic, right? Personally, I am so glad to hear that Avocado is the cleanest vegetable and Sweet corns, because my family consumes a lot, even pineapples are used a lot to make fresh juice at home.  I hope this posting is informative and helpful to figure your own list. Always organic only, it sounds very stupid and waste a lot of money, but always just regular normal products does not sound smart neither. We need to remember that some vegetable and fruit absorb more pesticide than average. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT US: www.pandacashback.com

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