Why Does Your Resume Drive Your Interview? (It's Not What You Think)

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Information about Why Does Your Resume Drive Your Interview? (It's Not What You Think)

Published on February 26, 2014

Author: aadler

Source: slideshare.net


You’re probably thinking that the relationship between your resume and your interview is obvious. A resume gets you the interview, right? Certainly, in some cases, and expertly prepared resume that a hiring leader cannot ignore will generate the interview you need. However, in every well-conceived job search strategy, your interview is actually a reflection of your resume, not the reverse. Read on to learn why your interview strategy depends on your resume strategy.

Why Does Your Resume Drive Your Interview? (It Is Not What You Think) Amy L. Adler CEO

Imagine that You Have Set Up Your Dream Interview • You prepare in every way you think possible: – Wear the right suit. – Read the right books on how to answer questions. – Learn something about the CEO’s latest initiatives, so you can ask savvy questions. Image courtesy of Stock.xchng / mart1n http://www.fivestrengths.com

How You Will Fail • The one thing you do not do is brush up…on yourself. • You have no idea how to talk about your career experiences and accomplishments. • You are practicing when you should be performing. Image courtesy of Keerati / FreeDigitalPhotos.net http://www.fivestrengths.com

Avoid This Major Interview Pitfall • By having an expert resume writer prepare your resume: – You’re more likely to increase the number of interviews you receive. – You will actually increase your level of success in the interview process. Image courtesy of thaikrit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net http://www.fivestrengths.com

Examine Why with Your Resume Writer • You have uninterrupted one-onone attention. • You go through an extensive question and answer session to elicit the best of your experience and accomplishments. • You feel free to take your time to explore and elaborate on your talents, history, skills, and specific achievements. • You have the privilege of telling yourself the story first, then seeing a distillation of your reports in a well-crafted, professionally written executive resume. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net http://www.fivestrengths.com

Re-Imagine Your Interview • When the interviewing executive asks you to relate some specific expertise, you can do so confidently. • You are retelling a story that you’ve told yourself, had told to you, and reviewed extensively. • You will be eminently ready to walk your interviewer through your career history -- moreso because you have had your resume professionally prepared. Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net http://www.fivestrengths.com

Face Your Career Change Fear Get your complimentary copy of “3 Simple Steps to Clear Your Career Change Fear” Amy L. Adler, CEO (801) 810-5627 Toll-Free (800) 590-2377 http://www.fivestrengths.com

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