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Published on May 22, 2018

Author: macbookprocover

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slide 1: Website - https://colourbanana.com/ Email- Colourbananaofficalgmail.com Why does one always go for a MacBook Quick Note on MacBook MacBook Pro is one of the ultra-variants of the MacBook family from the ever exciting Apple suite of products. Though it was introduced way back in 2006 it has not gained major traction in the initial phase owing to its costing but with the passage of time it has turned out to be a “must have” for every power user in the computer world. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest laptops in the current trend and is finding increasing adoption by software developers and designers. Both of them need a fast and responsive laptop and we are sure you might have faced way too many issues with windows based laptops even with the same hardware specifications. Mac is kind of unique and blends in the user experience of windows with the kernel of Linux. MacBook Pro is primarily available in the screen size of 13 and 15 inches though a 17-inch variant was introduced and withdrawn a few years back. Following are few of the distinguishing factors which make MacBook win over their counterparts from other brands very easily. User-Experience: Unarguably the biggest wins of MacBook are its user-experience factor. One would hardly notice any delay or crashes when working with MacBook. We are sure the same person would have faced a zillion issues when working with Windows-based devices. One might argue that Linux is not bad but let’s be practical here as it does not enjoy the full-fledged support for the common audience who are mostly glued to either Windows or Macs. The problem of plenty: While MacBook have a unique advantage of a “complete packaged product” window based machines come from various vendors. One feels that Dell is good while the other one argues it is Lenovo. An interesting part is a machine with the same configuration and Windows OS might behave differently on two vendors like Dell Lenovo here. A sound strange but this is the harsh reality. The good part with MacBook is that it is a total boxed solution right from the device accessories to its OS. Security aspect: This has been another feather in the cap for MacBook. Have you ever seen a MacBook badly affected by a virus While one has to accept that Macs can still be infected with a virus the ground reality is that the percentage is far less and in-fact the margin between Windows Macs is pretty big in this aspect. Hence MacBook are inherently considered as safer systems to work with. slide 2: Website - https://colourbanana.com/ Email- Colourbananaofficalgmail.com Cost vs Quality Debate: Let’s face the truth MacBook are expensive and sometimes twice to thrice on a laptop with same hardware configuration. But let’s also accept that the kind of quality you get from MacBook is unparalleled. Hence if you are really serious about having a perform ant computer you need to go for a MacBook. Display Clarity: If you are a creative artist who constantly works on MacBook take a break and try to work on say a Sony Laptop. We are sure that you would notice the display quality is impressive and clear in Mac while it is good in other laptops. The Retina display is undoubtedly a big deal winner for Mac slide 3: Website - https://colourbanana.com/ Email- Colourbananaofficalgmail.com suite of laptops. After Sales Support: When you are spending a big fat budget for your MacBook you do expect the functioning to be flawless. But as with any electronic gadget MacBook are prone to get issues but the lovely part is their service and support in such instances. Customer satisfaction indexes for Apple products have always been high and the same is true for MacBook too. Where do I buy them Apple has a lot of exclusive stores and is present in several major cities of USA and Australia. Though many prefer to buy MacBook through online stores because of the discounts it is kind of advisable to buy them from apple stores as you can rest assured that you have got a genuine product. When you buy a MacBook make sure you buy a MacBook Pro case alongside to protect your laptop. Why do I need a MacBook case This definitely is a valid question but a MacBook Pro case is no longer considered an optional product when buying a MacBook Pro. The reason is that they provide an attractive design and theme to your MacBook and also serves to protect it during accidental drops and prevents it from getting any scratches. It is always a smart idea to buy one while buying a MacBook than repenting later on “Oh I should have bought a case which would have prevented this scratch”. Where do I buy a MacBook case ColourBanana is an online platform where you will find a lot of lovely themed MacBook cases. Also to note that the pricing is affordable with a pretty good quality. Check out the plethora of MacBook pro cases at Colour Banana. Conclusion- Everybody likes skinned themes for laptops. Though MacBook does not inherently come up with one there are sites like ColourBanana providing real cool designs. Check out this link https://www.colourbanana.com/collections/macbook-case for more details. The MacBook air case that you get here is pretty good in style and durable in quality. Apart from MacBook air case you get a lot of laptop accessories at a pretty affordable pricing. What’s more you do get a good amount of discounts on a frequent basis. So do check out ColourBanana to buy some really good MacBook air cases for your MacBook. It makes it cool and protects it from wear and tear.

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